‘Young and the Restless’: Sharon Turned Down Adam-Rey Triangle – Blind Item Hints?

Young and the Restless blind item chatter may be about Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and a potential love triangle with Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Ever since Adam resurrected, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden Gudegast) has been pushing Sharon to help him. So, she’s been juggling that and her newfound love with Rey Rosales. It seems ripe for a triangle, but did someone shut it down on the CBS sudser?

Young and the Restless: Sharon Newman

Y&R spoilers tell us that Sharon Newman and boyfriend Rey Rosales are planning to move in together soon. Yet, she’s also torn about helping Adam Newman get his memories back. Then, on the Monday May 20 episode, Adam wakes from his post-shooting surgery with his brain pretty much intact. So, that seems like mission accomplished. Sharon also told Rey a lot about how Adam made her the woman she is today, but their relationship is complicated.

Complicated is a mild word for their stormy past. Adam tormented Sharon into insanity. Yet she was very welcoming to him and eager to help Victor Newman get him sorted. This had Shadam fans excited for a possible reunion of her and her shady ex. However, there are also hardcore Shey fans that want the new couple to stick together. Because they enjoy the chemistry with Case and Vilasuso on Young and the Restless.

Y&R Love Triangle Nixed

With the back and forth with Sharon Newman rushing to help Adam Newman then running back to Rey Rosales, it seems a love triangle was brewing. But now, there’s some Young and the Restless chatter that the actress might have said “no thanks” to a three-way romance. The blind item says that an actress just pushed back and refused a love triangle but it doesn’t specify which soap this juicy gossip applies to.

However, given what’s happening on the other three soaps, it doesn’t sound like it applies to them. Of course, blind items for soap operas may just be whispers and rumors, not fact — and can apply to any show. But many of them play out as true. So, if this is about Y&R, it might well be that the writers wanted Adam-Sharon-Rey in a love triangle but she said no. If Sharon Case refused, the question is why?

What Would Get the Actress to Refuse a Triangle?

One constant fan criticism about the Adam Newman recast on Young and the Restless has been his age. He’s much younger than the last two portrayers and 16 years younger than Sharon Case. It’s common for soaps to set up May-December romances with younger women and older men. But the other way around isn’t common. Did the actress feel uncomfortable with a romance between a guy young enough to be her son?

Certainly, Sharon Newman can pass as being in her 30s, but the actress might not have wanted to go this route. Sharon and Rey Rosales’ romance is super hot and age appropriate. So, it could be what Y&R sticks with despite some viewers hoping that Sharon and Adam reconnect. With his memories back this week, we’ll see what’s next with Adam Newman, Sharon Newman, and Rey Rosales.

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