5 ‘Young and the Restless’ Plots We Don’t Want in New Episodes – Nick Tantrums & More

Young and the Restless spoilers say they’re back to work soon – and when they do, there are some plots we’d prefer to skip involving Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and others. We’ve heard from a source that Morrow’s one of the first actors back to work, so let’s start with this storyline on the CBS soap.

#1 Nick Newman’s Constant Tantrums on Young and the Restless

One thing that’s tiresome on Y&R is Nick Newman constantly butt hurt about anything that involves Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Nick fails to appreciate that Adam did him a solid from the start letting him raise Christian Newman.

On Young and the Restless, Nick seems to want to take away Adam’s “toys,” whether it’s a job, his bio-son, or his wife, Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan). Over the years, Nick Newman’s thrown many self-righteous tantrums at Adam, their dad, and others. Can it please stop on Y&R?

#2 Musical CEO Chairs at Newman Enterprises and Jabot on Y&R

Young and the Restless also goes a little heavy on the business plots. Sometimes, they have so many meetings — it feels like you’re at work watching the CBS sudser. Another is the constant round-robin of CEOs at each company.

If this were real life, the board of directors and shareholders would freak out over constant CEO changes. So, can we leave work as a backdrop for the romance but pick a boss and stick with it? It doesn’t matter who, just pick a horse and ride on Young and the Restless.

#3 Phyllis’ Nonsense Vendetta Against Adam Newman

Another bit of ridiculousness on Young and the Restless is how much Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) suddenly hates Adam. They were compadres when he first came back from Vegas. And supposedly the reason she can’t stand him is that he suggested she seduce Nick Newman.

However, on Young and the Restless, Adam knew she had a thing for Nick. So, it’s not like he suggested something unusual. So, why does Phyllis dislike him so much? It’s nonsense. Her hating Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) makes sense. Let’s go back to that plot instead, please.

#4 Chelsea Loving Both Brothers on Young and the Restless

Another storyline that feels all over the place is Adam-Chelsea-Nick. Remember, from the start, Chelsea didn’t want Adam back in her life. She’d remarried and moved on after dumping Nick Newman out of the blue. Then, she was delighted and smitten with Nick again.

So, why would a few Young and the Restless scenes with Adam getting close to Chelsea kill her love for his brother suddenly? We heard from our behind the scenes source that Egan insisted on a “Chadam” pairing. However, a CBS source told us she’s back with Nick soon. So, pick one, Y&R, okay?

#5 Lola-Kyle-Summer Love Triangle on Y&R

Young and the Restless also dragged on a love triangle with Lola Rosales (Sasha Calle), Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor), and Summer Newman (Hunter King). Please, no more of that either. Leave Summer with Kyle, and let Lola explore things with Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson).

Love triangles are one of those things that Young and the Restless and other soaps love to do, but that fans get tired of fast. So, this is an opportunity to let the pairs move on – even if they remain in conflict. They can have drama without bouncing them back and forth on the CBS sudser.

We’ve heard that CBS told the writers to use the hiatus to refresh and refine storylines. So, they’ll break up couples and form new ones – and Nick Newman’s right in the mix. Watch and see what happens as we expect new episodes in early Fall for Y&R.

Get ready for Young and the Restless spoilers as new episodes film soon.