‘Young and the Restless’ News: Little Ryder Gadbois Hospitalized

Young and the Restless spoilers report that Ryder Gadbois, one of the twins who plays Connor Newman, was admitted to the hospital.

The source said the little guy was feeling under the weather for days, so his parents took him to the hospital. Ryder is now thankfully on the road to recovery. We will update Y&R fans on his illness, prognosis, and treatment as soon as we know more.

Ryder and his identical twin brother Gunner Gadbois have played Adam Newman’s firstborn son on the Young and the Restless since 2015. Both are very talented in the role of Connor Newman.

The twins are not only celebs to Y&R fans – they are also rockstars in their own family.

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Gadbois twins grandparents proud 

Young and the Restless spoilers reveal the twins that play Adam’s son have a long career for such young actors. In an interview with their local newspaper, Gadbois’ grandparents’ Norm and Karen Neiswonger of Pahrump are so proud of their shining little stars and give all of the credit to their granddaughter Nicole and her husband for raising such well-mannered children.

The twin’s Grandpa Norm said in an interview :

He was waiting in a doctor’s office recently and a soap opera was on the television, and Neiswonger asked a woman if she watched “The Young and the Restless,” and she did. He told her that baby Connor is played by his great-grandsons.

“She said, ‘he’s so nice and all that’, and I said you ought to see him at home,” Neiswonger laughed. “It’s really neat, and I’m extremely proud of the boys, you know.”

“There is no getting around it,” Karen Neiswonger agreed. They are “very proud of those boys.”

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Gadbois twins started their careers at one-month-old

In a local Pahrump newspaper interview, mother of the twins, Nicole Gadbois, said Connor and Gunner have been working legally since the age of one month. Gadbois said she and her husband were not sure if this was the lifestyle they wanted for their young sons because they didn’t know much about it.

“It literally was like a floodgate of TV shows and commercials and just all this stuff right when they were able to start working. It was surreal – it still is surreal,” Gadbois said.

Gunner and Ryder have been in many commercials and are represented by the  Paloma Model and Talent agency.

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The Soap Dirt staff wishes Ryder Dubois a speedy recovery. Stay with Soap Dirt for all of your Young and the Restless news and spoilers and news.