‘Young and the Restless’: New Adam Welcomed by Cast – Fan Reaction Mixed

Young and the Restless spoilers confirm new Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) debuts in the US Monday, March 13. His co-workers on set seem to be welcoming him with open arms, but what about fans? The only viewers that have seen a full episode of new Adam are Canadians. The rest have seen pics and the one Y&R weekly promo with a few lines of dialog. Yet, there’s a faction of fans that seem to have already written him off as a bad casting choice. Why? Here’s a look at the fan chatter and what to expect.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Actor Mark Grossman On Set

It seems that the cast of Y&R is warmly welcoming Mark Grossman as Adam Newman with smiles on their faces. He partied with scene partner Sharon Case (AKA Sharon Newman) at CBS daytime Emmy events. They looked all happy. And then today, both Christian LeBlanc (AKA Michael Baldwin) and the new Adam actor shared pics joking around backstage at the set.

And why wouldn’t they welcome him? It’s not like another instance on Young and the Restless recently where one actor was fired so a veteran could be brought back, right? Justin Hartley left the show almost three years ago. Before that, it was almost a two-year gap between when Michael Muhney exited the soap and Hartley took his place. There’s been three Adam-free years in GC and fans wanted him back.

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Y&R: Fan Reaction to New Adam Newman

Young and the Restless fan reaction is polarized despite not having much to go on. You can see in the slide show curated from Twitter (above) that there are three camps. Some are already gung-ho in support of Adam Newman. Some seem to love the character and are ready to embrace a new face in the role, whoever it is. Others seem to genuinely approve of Mark Grossman’s casting.

Of course, Y&R fans know Justin Hartley wasn’t available to come back. This Is Us is doing great and he’s got a hit on his hands. But Michael Muhney… His IMDB page looks stagnant, so he’s obviously available. Certainly, MM fans are most vocally opposed to Mark Grossman as the new Adam Newman. There’s the usual “I won’t watch” threats saying until Muhney is back, they won’t tune in. Despite it being clear CBS will not bring that actor back…

What’s Coming for Mark Grossman As New Adam Newman?

Josh Griffith must be writing up a storm for the Young and the Restless return of Adam. Because there are tons of official spoilers about his comeback. First, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) floats a theory that his brother is faking amnesia. Second, there’s a custody battle looming according to Soap Central‘s confirmed spoilers. It seems each will try to get Victor Newman (Eric Braeden Gudegast) on their side. Guess who Victor chooses? Duh…

Also, Y&R spoilers say Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) thinks Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and the kids need to be protected from Uncle Adam. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has a chat with nuAdam. Meanwhile, it seems the two that seem to take on everyone else to protect amnesiac Adam are Sharon and Victor. Talk about strange bedfellows. Certainly, Genoa City citizen reaction mirrors fan reaction.

Some are happy, some are taking a wait and see approach — and some are downright adamant they are not loving this comeback. New Adam rolls into town today, and it’s must-watch TV. So, if you vowed to “never watch” until your favorite is restored, your remote might be collecting dust before all is said and done. Check out Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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