‘Young and the Restless’ LEAK: Billy-Amanda Confirmed – Plus Update on Filming New ‘Y&R’ Episodes

Young and the Restless spoilers leaks from behind the scenes bring great news for “Amilly” fans that want Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) with Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan). We’ve got a source that works over at CBS daytime, and they handed out some hot new info. Check it out.

Young and the Restless New Episodes Bring Billy Abbott & Amanda Sinclair

Our favorite Y&R leaker said that when they return to filming, one of the couples featured will be Billy Abbott with Amanda Sinclair. Already, they had chemistry for months before the soap went on hiatus. But, Amanda’s dating Dr. Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic).

And it looks like Young and the Restless pushed Billy towards Lily Winters (Christel Khalil). However, it looks like Lily and Nate might be false leads because we’ve heard Billy gets with Amanda in new episodes. However, there are some obstacles in their way.

We’re also hoping that Young and the Restless writers took some time over the hiatus to clean up their erratic storylines. Remember, Billy Abbott was a gum-chewing psycho, then was suddenly free of his alter-ego without medication or serious therapy. Amanda Sinclair’s path is weird too.

Y&R Back to Filming Soon – Have They Improved Storylines?

It almost feels on Young and the Restless that the showrunners rehired Mishael Morgan without a good plan in place for her character. Clearly, she’s somehow related to Hilary Curtis – either a secret twin or sister. But, they have her at odds with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

That annoys many Young and the Restless fans who seem divided on whether they want a Hevon 2.0 deal or to see Amanda Sinclair with Billy Abbott. They had her in the Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) story, which was messy, unfocused, then fizzled. Now, she’s all over the place with Billy.

We’ve heard Young and the Restless from our CBS source that they’re notifying actors to get their COVID tests. Then, they’ll bring them back to work. We also heard the first back are Adam, Nick, and Phyllis. But what about Billy Abbott’s interest with Amanda Sinclair?

How Long for Amanda-Billy Love Scenes on Young and the Restless?

Y&R’s back to work soon. However, we’re still waiting on word from our leaker when Billy Abbott will have new scenes with Amanda Sinclair. But, one thing the source said is that CBS daytime is pushing forward with and endgame pairing of Billy romancing Amanda.

You could already see the sparks of that on Young and the Restless before the final episodes aired. Amanda was out with Nate, and you could see that chafing on Billy. Plus, they had that one night where she slept in his arms and was comforted and relieved. Expect more of that.

However, the tighter guidelines released last week for all TV shows point to no Young and the Restless love scenes for a while. So, expect more sizzling build-up for Amanda Sinclair and troublesome Billy Abbott. But, they won’t hit the sheets for a while – until COVID issues ease.

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