‘Young and the Restless’: Lance & Vanessa Prentiss – Who Are They?

Young and the Restless sparked questions about who are Lance Prentiss (John McCook) and Vanessa Prentiss (KT Stevens). All these classic episodes the CBS soap airs are bringing up old characters, some dead, some missing, and for newer watchers, they’re a mystery. Take a look.

Who Is Lance Prentiss on Young and the Restless?

Before his career-defining role as Eric Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful, John McCook was on Y&R. He originated the role of sexy, rich, single Lance Prentiss in 1976, owner of Prentiss Industries. Dennis Cole also played the part for a short time.

Lance fell for a married woman, Leslie Brooks (Janis Lynde/Victoria Mallory), who declined the affair on Young and the Restless. But, she set him up with her sister Lorie Brooks (Jaime Lyn Bauer), a novelist. Lance Prentiss was rebounding from falling for her sister.

Meanwhile, Lorie was on the rebound too – after falling in love with her half-brother (eww). However, the Lance-Lorie romance was plagued by more than just past lovers, remind Young and the Restless recaps. It was his mother, Vanessa Prentiss, that was the real obstacle.

Now, let’s take a look at Vanessa and her strange story on the CBS soap.

Restless: Lance Prentiss (John McCook) - Lorie Brooks (Jaime Lyn Bauer) - Leslie Brooks (Victoria Mallory)

Who is Vanessa Prentiss on Y&R?

On Young and the Restless, when they introduced Lance, he brought along a shadowy figure in his life. It was his mother, Vanessa, who was known as “the lady with the veil.” KT Stevens played that role – and was on Y&R from 1976-1980, like her son, Lance Prentiss.

So, why did Vanessa Prentiss wear a veil? She had scars on her lower face. These were burns she got saving Lance Prentiss from a fire started by his little brother, Lucas. Vanessa was a strange bird on Young and the Restless, who crept around peeping at people on the sly.

The problem was, Vanessa wanted her son with her, not some woman – so she despised Lorie from the get-go. She saw Lorie as a threat that needed to go on Young and the Restless. But, Lance married Lorie over his mother’s protests.

Young and the Restless: Vanessa Prentiss (KT Stevens)

The Strange Story of Lance & His Creeper Mom Vanessa on Young and the Restless

After many bitter arguments between Vanessa Prentiss and her new daughter-in-law, things turned violent. She decided to shoot Lorie and get her out of Lance Prentiss’ life for good. However, in a soapy twist of fate, Vanessa shot her son, instead of his wife.

However, Young and the Restless history reminds us that Lorie and Vanessa cut a deal. If his nosy mother moved out, Lorie would take the blame for the shooting. Later, the two women reconciled when Lorie brought home her younger son Lucas. Then, Vanessa Prentiss had surgery to restore her face.

Young and the Restless: Vanessa Prentiss (KT Stevens)

Next came more soap insanity. Lance slept with wife Lorie’s sister and got her pregnant. Then, his brother married her, and they decided to keep the baby’s paternity secret from Lance on Young and the Restless. In the end, Lorie wound up with custody of Lance’s kid after her sister’s breakdown.

How Did the Lance-Vanessa Story End on Y&R?

How did it all end on Young and the Restless? Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Vanessa Prentiss killed herself but staged it to looked like Lance’s wife killed her. At the trial, Lance Prentiss found out he had a son. And that his life and baby mama hid his biological son from him. So, he exploded.

Little Brooks Prentiss saw his scheming grandma typing the note that framed Lorie. So, he testified on Young and the Restless. By then, Lance Prentiss hated both the women he loved – Lorie and her sister Leslie.

But, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) was in the mix, too, on Young and the Restless. He’d stolen control of Prentiss Industries. After Lance Prentiss left town angry, Victor romance his ex, Lorie, who tricked Victor into signing the company over to her. Then, she stood him up at the altar.

In the end, Lance Prentiss was never seen again on Y&R. His mom Vanessa Prentiss suicided – and her son wound up in Europe, presumably with his son and Lorie, running the family business.

Wait to see who CBS churns up in classic episodes of the sudser.

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