‘Young and the Restless’: Killing John Abbott Was Horrible Mistake – Insider Admits Error?

Young and the Restless chatter on filming new episodes brought up John Abbott‘s (Jerry Douglas) untimely death – and regrets about writing it that way. Now, it looks like those behind the scenes als question why they wrote out the Abbott family patriarch. Fans hated it. Take a look at what we heard from an inside source.

Why Did Young and the Restless Kill John Abbott?

That’s a question fans have often asked since Y&R abruptly killed John Abbott 14 years ago. Jerry Douglas played the role since 1982, and “the Old Guy” was beloved by his family and viewers. He passed in late summer 2006 — and the anniversary of John’s death approaches.

Young and the Restless confirmed over the past few years that he had three biological children, although he raised all the Abbotts as his own. Missing John is Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman), his namesake, who had a DNA scare, but is genuinely a “Blood Abbott.”

Then, there’s Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland), also John’s child with Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) on Young and the Restless. Plus, there’s Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson), his love child. And Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) raised as his daughter but was not. They all miss John dearly.

Source Questions Why Y&R Wrote Off Abbott Patriarch

Recently, our CBS daytime source said that there was chatter among Young and the Restless writers and producers about why they killed off John Abbott. Do you remember how the CBS soap wrote John off the show and how he died? Here’s a quick reminder.

First, on Young and the Restless, John survived two strokes and a heart attack before the stroke that killed him. In a plot involving wicked Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) and Terrible Tom Fisher (Roscoe Born), John accidentally shot the villain while trying to do the right thing.

Although Ashley confessed to shooting Tom, John Abbott cleared things up on Young and the Restless. And the court sentenced him to seven years in prison. Mis-medicated in jail, he got sick, had a stroke, and fell into a persistent coma. Although she later turned out not to be his legal wife, Gloria Abbott (Judith Chapman) decided to let him pass.

John Dying Was Unnecessary on Young and the Restless

Now, it seems that insiders behind the scenes regret writing off John Abbott from Y&R. Of course, he’s made ghostly visits, but the last was four years ago. Since Jerry Douglas is still beloved by fans, and available to film, will the CBS sudser every bring him back again?

It’s not likely that Young and the Restless can bring back John anytime soon. Since the actor’s almost 90 years old and COVID risk could delay older actors’ returns, it seems a long shot. But with the anniversary of his passing coming in August, we can hope for a comeback.

Now, Young and the Restless classic episodes bring us John and other greats from the past. Unfortunately, it also reminds viewers of the terrible missteps the show made – one of them the needless death of John Abbott.

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