‘Young and the Restless’: Is Amanda Really Hilary – Here’s How It Could Happen

Young and the Restless spoilers assured that Amanda Sinclair is Hilary Curtis‘ (Mishael Morgan) twin but is there a twist ahead that they’re the same person? Ever since showrunner Mal Young killed off Hilary out of the blue, fans wanted her back. So, could it still happen – we’ve found a plausible way they can say these women are one and the same.

Young and the Restless: Was Hilary Curtis Someone Else Years Ago?

Our favorite CBS inside source said way back in December that some behind the scenes at the soap wanted Mishael Morgan to be Hilary Curtis rather than Amanda Sinclair. Explaining away Hilary’s “death” is the easiest obstacle to overcome on a soap opera.

People come back from the dead on Young and the Restless all the time. We’ll talk about that more later. But first, how could Hilary Curtis be in GC and Amanda Sinclair be a lawyer too? Well, remember that Hilary came to town as a fully grown human so attending law school could have come first.

As for Amanda Sinclair’s boyfriend/stalker on Young and the Restless, there’s room for him too. Remember the gap in Hilary’s history after she fell off the cliff? The CBS sudser could simply widen that time span to allow time to live some of her life as Amanda before Neil found her.

Young and the Restless: Amanda Sinclair - Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) - Devon Hamilton (Bryton James)

Y&R Twist: Is Amanda Sinclair an Alternate Personality and Not a Twin?

Remember from Young and the Restless history that Hilary’s mom, Rose Turner, had some issues and died tragically. Could it be that her daughter Ann (AKA Hilary/Amanda) inherited those mental issues? Also, remember that Amanda Sinclair wondered why her mom gave her up and kept Hilary.

Maybe that’s not true on Young and the Restless. Perhaps Rose raised one daughter that she named Ann. And Hilary and Amanda are dual personalities of Ann, rather than being twins. That would explain the DNA test being a match. Hilary Curtis grew up as Ann Turner – a name a lot like Amanda, right?

It could be that growing up with a mom with substance abuse issues fractured Ann in two. Amanda Sinclair might be an alternate persona, along with Hilary. Maybe she created them to survive a traumatic childhood. Perhaps Ann dreamed of life if Rose gave her up for adoption on Young and the Restless and that became the Amanda personality…

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) - Hilary Curtis

If Amanda is Hilary – That’ll Blow Up Everything on Young and the Restless

Should the powers that be decide to say that Hilary Curtis and Amanda Sinclair are one person, it’ll undoubtedly complicate things on Y&R. It could be that her two personalities swapped back and forth for years before they came to Genoa City. So, Amanda might have a law degree.

Then, the Hilary Curtis persona might have taken over on Young and the Restless and came to GC. Then, when she went over the ledge, she might have gone back to life as Amanda for awhile. As for her “death” in 2018, that could’ve been staged. And here’s how.

The car accident on Young and the Restless might have swapped Hilary Curtis back to Amanda Sinclair. So, she decided to “end” her life there and go be Amanda. She might have hired someone to fake the scans to look fatal, then faked the end of Hilary Curtis’s life.

That left Amanda free to leave town on Young and the Restless. Later, her fractured brain might have drawn her back to her past as the other woman in Genoa City. Sure, it’s a bit crazy – but it’s a soap. So, watch and see if Hilary Curtis and also Amanda Sinclair are one person but split in their mind.

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