‘Young and the Restless’ Father’s Day: Nick Newman One of ‘Y&R’ Favorite Dads

The Young and the Restless dropped Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) into a nasty custody battle just in time for Father’s Day. While it’s not pretty, he seems determined to fight to keep his adoptive son Christian Newman (McGuigan twins) even though the boy’s biological father is back in town.

Today, we’ll take a look at five Genoa City dads in celebration of Father’s Day. Just like in real life, soap dads aren’t perfect. But it’s true that Y&R fathers may be far more extreme than those we see in our every day lives. So, kick back, read about these five CBS soap fathers and then go hug the fathers that are in your life.

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott’s Had Rough Luck With Kids

On Y&R, Jack had a rough road in the fatherhood arena. He has two living sons. Keemo Abbott (Phillip Moon) and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). But Jack hasn’t seen his oldest son, Keemo, since he left Genoa City in the mid 90’s. However, Jack and Kyle have a much closer relationship now, even though he did not raise him. Kyle and Jack have a bit of a strained relationship at times. However, the two have managed to work through their issues and are now closer than ever.

Now, Kyle has returned to Genoa City to work alongside his father at Jabot. Aside from his sons, Jack also faced multiple heartbreaks on the fatherhood front. For a while, he thought he was Summer Newman’s (Hunter King) dad. When the truth came out Jack was devastated, but he has still been there for Summer in a fatherly supportive role. He also lost children with Phyllis, Nikki, Jill, and Patty. This is a dad who wanted to be dad to more kids on Young and the Restless.

Y&R’s Victor Newman Drives His Kids Crazy

The next father on our Young and the Restless list is Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Of all the dads in GC, Victor is the most fertile for sure. He is a father to Nick Newman, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway), and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Plus, he’s a busy grandpa to Nick, Vikki, and Adam’s kids whenever he gets the chance to be. The main problem with Victor as a dad is that he always thinks he knows best – and wants them at the company firm.

That means on Y&R, he and his children are at odds more often than not although they love him. Victor feels that the best way he can show his children he cares for them is to control them. This has caused many battles in the Newman family. Victor has been sued and shot by his children. Nick and Victoria took his money while Adam tried to steal his company. Meanwhile, Abby just wants a little respect. Say what you want about Victor on Young and the Restless, but he loves his kids fiercely. Even more now that he’s seriously sick.

Adam Newman: A Father With No Children on Young and the Restless

Since the recast return on Y&R of Adam Newman, he’s had an up and down road. When son Connor Newman (Gadbois twins) was born, Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) tried to pass him off as Dylan McAvoy’s kid. Adam blackmailed Chelsea to move in and keep Connor close. Then he moved heaven and earth to make sure Connor got the sight-saving surgery he needed. Later, he found out he and Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan) had a son, then made a difficult decision.

But on Young and the Restless, he initially allowed Nick to raise Christian Newman even though he knew the boy was his. Now, back from the dad, Adam wants both his sons and is being denied them. In fact, Adam is desperate to be a father to his sons, only no one allows him to. This week, he launched a custody battle with Nick Newman over Christian. He sees Nick and Chelsea keeping him apart from his offspring. And he’s very angry about it. So, this Dad’s day, Adam is a childless father and that stings.

Y&R’s Billy Abbott – Loving Father That Survived Loss

Young and the Restless spoilers say Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) had a dramatic road as a dad, too. He survived the worst moment a parent can have when he lost his daughter Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). After her death, Billy nearly killed himself. Then later, he tried to kill Adam because he held him responsible. Of course, Billy feels guilt for his role in her death, on Y&R, no doubt. But more than anything, he blames Adam for losing her. And that pain is always a raw nerve.

Billy’s also the proud dad to Johnny Abbott (Hare twins), his son that Victoria legally adopted and is raising with him. Plus, he adores daughter Katie Newman (Sienna Mercuri). And he’s been a decent stepdad to Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu). Katie and Johnny never doubt their father’s dedication to them. Now on Young and the Restless, Billy thinks of the child he lost with a Father’s Day visit to her grave. That’s just sad. Especially when he runs into Adam there.

Young and the Restless Nick Newman – Fights to Keep Kids Close

On Y&R, Nick has four children. There’s eldest Noah Newman (Robert Adamson), Summer Newman (Hunter King), Faith Newman (Alyvia-Alyn Lind) and adopted son Christian. He is also the doting stepfather to Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) daughter Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes). Nick Newman faced many challenges as a father. These include Noah’s premature birth. Plus, Nick thought he and Sharon lost Faith when Adam kidnapped her. Yet another reason to be protective where Adam is concerned.

Then, on on Young and the Restless, good dad Nick stepped up when Sharon’s bipolar spiraled to take care of their daughter. Through it all, Nick Newman was there for his kids. Whether he gets along with their mothers or not, Nick loves and cares for all his children. And now, just in time for Dad’s Day, Nick faces a custody suit over Christian. He’s desperate to keep Christian in his life and terrified he’ll lose him, so he’s going all-out in this battle. But first, he needs to open his Father’s Day cards.

Whether you agree with our picks or not for Dad’s Day, be sure and let the fathers in your life know you love them. Soap Dirt wishes all the fathers out there a fantastic day.

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