‘Young and the Restless’: Daniel Goddard Swipes at Mal Young

Young and the Restless actor Daniel Goddard (who plays Cane Ashby) took a swipe at fired ex-showrunner Mal Young over his Emmy awards behavior. The CBS soap won Outstanding Daytime Drama Series but judging by his speech, the former writer-producer took total credit for win. Now, it seems that at least one of the actors at the awards is speaking out about his ex-boss grabbing all the credit. Here’s what Daniel Goddard said and what triggered it.

Young and the Restless: Daniel Goddard Not Pleased

The Y&R actor has been affected on the job by the actions of Mal Young, it seems. Other actors walked away – like Eileen Davidson. Then rumors ran rampant of a toxic environment behind the scenes. He wrote out other actors – like Doug Davidson. Mal Young sidelined other actors and cut their scenes – like Eric Braeden Gudegast.

As for Cane Ashby, he lost wife, Lily Ashby. Christel Khalil opted to drop to recurring and said it was a personal choice. But others on set speculate it was for the same reason other women left. Plus, rumors said Mal Young’s tenure was disrespectful to women on the crew and cast. If true, that could be to blame for Daniel Goddard losing his Young and the Restless scene partner.

Young and the Restless: Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard)

Y&R Actor Calls Out Mal Young

Daniel Goddard didn’t spell out the ex-Young and the Restless showrunner’s name in his tweet. But, it was pretty clear who he was talking about. Daniel said “a weak & insecure man” takes credit for “a team’s victory”. Then, he slapped a little harder. Daniel Goddard said the person taking credit was “the smallest cog in the wheel”.

Assuming the Y&R actor was talking about Mal Young, those are harsh words. The Cane Ashby actor’s tweet came out just two days after the awards show when fan sentiment was stirring online about the British writer-director. If you listened to his acceptance speech at the Emmys, it is clear that he made the moment all about him.

Is Daniel Goddard Right?

Some interesting points from Mal Young’s speech were that he thanked the actors that supported him. Not all the Young and the Restless actors – just certain ones. He also dedicated the award to the behind the scenes crew of all shows, not just the CBS soap. Mal Young said that was because he started out working behind the scenes.

His speech was a lot of “me” and “I” and credited himself for changing the show drastically from its roots. This is despite that fans tuned out of Y&R by the droves. Dedicating the win to crew members sounds nice, but bear in mind that Kristoff St John’s memorial episode just aired. Plus, presenter Shemar Moore specifically mentioned him moments before the win.

Mal Young snubbed the Bells with his words. He specifically ignored fan, cast and crew wanting to honor Kristoff. And then he mostly said he was responsible for the award. So, for Daniel Goddard to speak out so strongly was impressive. If only he had spelled out “Mal Young” in his tweet…

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