Young and the Restless: Daniel Goddard’s Horrific Pic of Injured Dad – Asks for Prayers

The Young and the Restless News reports Daniel Goddard‘s dad has taken a fall and is currently in the hospital and looks to be in bad shape. The Cane Ashby actor posted a very graphic and bloody photo of his injured father and asks his fans to pray for his family.

The actor displayed a picture of his father on his Instagram account that is quite grim. The older man is in a hospital bed. There is a significant and disturbing amount of blood on his face. Daniel Goddard did not disclose the seriousness of the fall. He asks fans to help by praying for his father and family. This is the second recent health scare for a Young and the Restless star as Eileen Davidson was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

Y&R’s Daniel Goddard Shares Bloody Pic on Instagram

Daniel Goddard posts on social media often sharing the details of his life with the Young and the Restless fans. Daniel also shared back in 2016 a photo of himself and his father and admitted then that it had been four years since he’d seen his dad. Granted, his father lives back in their native Australia. Daniel is keen to visit more often and no doubt will given his father’s recent horrible ordeal.

In April 2018, Daniel confessed on Twitter, leaving for a trip to Australia that it had been two years since he’d been with his dad again. By Goddard’s own timeline, he’d gone from 2012-2016 without seeing his father. Then he went from 2016-2018 without seeing him. And now this bloody terrible picture. Maybe with the way Y&R storylines are going these days Goddard will be able to take more time off to visit his dad and native Australia.

Daniel wishes his parents a happy 50-year wedding anniversary in 2016 and said his dad taught him “how to be a man, a friend, a partner, a father & a husband.”

Daniel also shared a sweet pic of himself, his dad and his nieces from his 2018 trip down under to Australia. No doubt it’s hard to be that far from your family but Daniel’s committed to his life in LA. He was an Australian soap actor before moving to California to pursue a career on American TV.

Daniel Goddard’s Graphic Photo Upset Some Fans

As a Young and the Restless actor, Daniel Goddard is active on the internet. He’s on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter engaging with fans frequently. He has 211k followers on the Facebook, 90.8k followers on the Instagram and 399k followers on the Twitter.  He shares images and updates constantly.

Daniel posted the graphic pic of his dad’s injuries across all his social media channels. On Facebook alone, there were more than 3,000 comments. Most shared the prayers he requested for his father, but some fans were critical of him sharing such a frightening photo of his father in a vulnerable moment.

Y&R Actor Overshares on Social Media?

However, let’s also remember that Daniel is a constant sharer (maybe even on over-sharer). Remember when he had that terrible arm injury a couple of years ago? Goddard was constantly posting pics of himself at the doctor’s office with updates into his own medical status. So it could be that he’s just a really open guy.

Back in Genoa City, we’ll see Daniel continue to struggle as a single dad while his wife is in prison, but in real life, the Soap Dirt team wishes Daniel’s father a speedy recovery!

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