Extreme ‘Young and the Restless’ Covid Plan – Classic Episode Airdate Revealed – Phyllis on Hold

Young and the Restless is on hold for coronavirus – but with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) heating up, will CBS leave fans hanging? Now, Y&R faces an episode shortage ahead. Here’s a look at the contingency plans for the CBS soap and the big move they’re making soon to keep viewers watching.

Young and the Restless Has About Three Weeks of New Episodes Left – Phyllis Summers & Nick Newman Steamy

People tuning into Y&R want the latest Nick and Phyllis Summers action. But how much longer will this last? There’s a rumored gap in shows. Right now, CBS has enough new Young and the Restless episodes to carry through April 24 (give or take).

The show went on hiatus, then extended it. With shooting delayed into April (or longer), where does this leave Young and the Restless fans? The latest info indicates the show’s making contingency plans to keep new episodes coming – but not in the usual way.

Another lingering question is whether Young and the Restless will keep Canada a day ahead once they run out of episodes. It seems strange they’ve continued this misalignment for so long. It could be they will mesh them once again. Plus, will we lose momentum on Nick and Phyllis?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Summer Newman (Hunter King) - Phyllis Abbott (Michelle Stafford) - Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman)

You can see above that the actors miss each other and being on set and are doing virtual hangouts to get quality time together. The actors playing Phyllis Summers, Abby, Jack, Summer, Lauren, and Cricket all got together online.

Y&R Plans to Air Classic Episodes – Dole out New Episodes Slowly

Young and the Restless‘ star Tracey E Bregman (AKA Lauren Fenmore) shared some inside info on what to expect from CBS. The soap opera spoilers info she shared is that new episodes will air Monday through Wednesday. So, what about Thursday and Friday? Those will be classics.

Watch for brand new Young and the Restless on your DVR to start the week. Then, look for classic reruns to close each week. It will allow them to spread out a couple more weeks to help cover the hiatus for COVID-19.

So, it looks like Young and the Restless conserves new episodes as long as they can while riding this out. Many cities are on shelter-in-place until April 15. With new episodes slated to last until April 24, if they went back to work then, we’d be okay.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman)

When Will Young and the Restless Classic Episodes Start?

If you check out the latest TV Guide listings, they show new Y&R episodes Monday-Wednesday this week with no information for Thursday and Friday. That’s a red flag that CBS might launch their three new, two old plan this week.

So, be sure to swap your DVR to capture both old and new episodes. Update your settings to get all the Young and the Restless that air. There’s also no word yet on what Y&R means by “classic”. Will we get some from the 80s with Jeanne Cooper?

That would certainly be a treat. Many Young and the Restless watchers would like to see truly classic ones that are throwbacks to the legacy character heyday. If it’s more recent shows, they’re reruns – not classics. So, let’s hope for some old-school high drama from Y&R and keep watching to see more with Phyllis Summers and her trainwreck love life.

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