‘Young and the Restless’ Comings & Goings: Paul Williams Week & 10 Huge Returns

Young and the Restless comings and goings bring back fan-favorite Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) this week. With Y&R aiming to film new episodes the week of July 6, perhaps this is a promising sign that we’ll see Chief Paul back regularly. Now, see the 10 big returns this week on CBS daytime.

#1 Remember Paul Williams’ Mom on Young and the Restless?

Comings and goings bring back Paul Williams’ mother, Mary Williams (Carolyn Conwell). That coincides with episodes surrounding Paul’s engagement and marriage in 1994 to Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell). So, we’ll see two Paul Williams’ weddings this week, including the one from 1996. We’ll also see another of Paul’s wives later in the week. Keep reading to see when – and more on Y&R getting back to work.

#2-4 Three Y&R Comings & Goings – Olivia, Malcolm & Stephanie

Young and the Restless spoilers also promise other compelling returns this week. Soon, welcome back Olivia Winters (Tonya Lee Williams), who fixes up Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore) with Stephanie Simmons (Vivica A. Fox). And they’re not the only Winters returning to Y&R this week. Now, these classic episodes bring back much-loved and not-forgotten characters we miss on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Neil Winters (Kristoff St John) - Malcolm Winters (Shemar Moore)

#5 Young and the Restless Episode With Beloved Kristoff St. John

Comings and goings bring back much-missed Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters. In this show, Neil spends time worrying about Olivia. Unfortunately, he’s only back for a glimpse. It’s nice that Young and the Restless featured several recent Winters family episodes. New shows film soon. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James).

#6-7 Y&R Episodes Feature Danny & Katherine

Other long-past faces popping up this week include rocker Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian), who spends time with the grand dame of Y&R Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper). Also, there’s Young and the Restless comings and goings chatter they might bring Danny back in new episodes. If they do, will it be the original actor or a recast on the CBS sudser?

Young and the Restless Comings & Goings: Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) - Isabella Brana (Eva Longoria)

#8 She-Devil Isabella Gets Face Time With Paul on Young and the Restless

A quick jump ahead brings back Eva Longoria as Isabella Brana, who was determined to take down Cricket. Fiery Isabella loved Paul Williams so passionately she was willing to kill Christine to get him. His baby mama Isabella almost killed Paul and Cricket both – it was good stuff on Y&R. Maybe one day, they’ll break her out of the mental hospital and back onto the show.

#9-10 Old Victoria Plus Damian in Young and the Restless Comings & Goings

Also, flashback episodes this week include the pre-Amelia Heinle version of Victoria Newman. We’ll see six-time Daytime Emmy winner Heather Tom in the role again. Back then, Vicki was into Damon Porter (Keith Hamilton), who first came to seduce Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). It’s nice to see Victoria with another guy – as she’ll get a new love soon.

Now, get ready for a whole lot of Paul Williams this week on Young and the Restless as we take a ride across episodes from two-decades. Soon, if the sudser gets back to work as they hope, it’ll be August when we should see new episodes. So, we’ll keep you updated on the first air date.

Get ready for Young and the Restless spoilers for new episodes.