‘Young and the Restless’: Chelsea Newman’s Long Con-Woman History – Will She Go Bad Again?

Young and the Restless viewers met Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) when she was a con woman. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) hired her to seduce Billy Abbott (then-Billy Miller). The Mustache used her to try and split Billy and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). Years later, Chelsea’s married, divorced, and run through several men in town. Here’s a quick look at her conning past and what to expect this go-round on Y&R on CBS.

Young and the Restless: Chelsea Newman a Con From Birth

It’s no wonder Chelsea showed up on Y&R being shady. Her mom, Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach) was pretty shady too. So, she learned it from the ground up. When she came to town, though, Chelsea Newman proved she had a little bit of heart.

Chelsea rolled into GC pregnant with Billy’s child. But, instead of her scam with Victor breaking the couple up, Billy and Vikki got closer. Then, shady Chelsea proved she could do good. So, she let Victoria adopt her child and raise him as her own.

However, viewers learned Chelsea was still a con at heart. Her next interaction involved Adam Newman (then Michael Muhney) and a one night stand. She got pregnant and started scheming again on Young and the Restless.

Chelsea Swapped Targets From Adam to Dylan on Y&R

On Young and the Restless, Victoria warned Chelsea Newman that Adam was trouble. So, that sparked a whole new con. Chelsea hopped into bed with Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton). Then, she told him the baby in her belly was his.

The clever con woman thought this was good since he was Newman-adjacent and a decent guy. Plus, there was an instant attraction to Chelsea. So, clueless sweet Dylan married her and made plans to have a happy family with Chelsea Newman.

However this time the con was on Chelsea. Young and the Restless watchers recall Connor developing the same hereditary eye disease as Adam. So, Adam knew that was definitely his son, not Dylan’s. That ended her ruse to pass him off as Dylan’s kid.

Young and the Restless: True Love Grew From a Con

Once Adam reclaimed his son, he told Chelsea Newman she could only see the kid is she lived with him. So, she reluctantly moved in with Adam and the two began a heated and whirlwind love story. He conned the con-woman.

After that, Y&R viewers thought she left her wicked ways behind her. But then, Adam died and she decided to run off from her new life she’d begun with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). To do so, she embezzled money from Fenmore’s and ran off.

But now, she’s back – and so is Adam Newman. Admittedly, Chelsea Newman’s been through a lot. And love for Adam changed her. But it seems she won’t give love with him a chance – and is reconsidering Nick as a healthier choice for her since Adam’s turned dark again.

Wait to see if Chelsea resists her shady tendencies and see more Young and the Restless spoilers with Soap Dirt.