‘Young and the Restless’: Is Billy Miller Back to Y&R – GH Exit Paves Way?

Young and the Restless fans were excited to learn ex-Billy Abbott actor Billy Miller‘s leaving General Hospital after a five-year run as Drew Cain. GH‘s loss could be YR‘s gain. If the producers continue the trend of bringing back “iconic faces” to the soap. Of course, Jason Thompson currently occupies the role of Billy Abbott – the part Billy Miller played that fans adored him in, so that path for Miller’s return isn’t totally clear. But let’s consider the factors at play.

For those that think Miller’s already got another gig, he does, but it’s not a full-time project. He’s got a role in the digital series Truth Be Told, which will air exclusively on Apple TV, a new streaming outlet through their device platform. That series is shot and in post-production now, so he’s already done his work on it and there’s no word if it’s a multi-season project. Also, digital series shoot fast and actors often work on them in spare time from other TV shows and movies, so that’s no barrier to a Y&R return.

Young and the Restless Rehiring Old Faces to Boost Ratings – Billy Miller Next?

On Y&R, Jason Thompson’s first air date was January 2016. That means his contract may be up for renewal at the end of this year. Contract negotiations can be tricky when there’s another actor under consideration. So, that’s often a time when showrunners consider recasts and character fate. This conversation bubbles up every Summer when soap viewers knew Billy Miller was up for renewal at ABC. This year, he left.

And don’t forget, the CBS sudser axed Gina Tognoni as Phyllis Summers mid-contract when they had the chance to bring back Michelle Stafford. Josh Griffith talked about wooing Stafford for months before she agreed to come to Young and the Restless. All while he had Gina Tognoni hard at work on the set. So, there’s a precedent for this in recent months. And Griffith said he was bringing back “iconic faces”. Miller’s definitely one of those.

Y&R Fans on Billy Miller vs Jason Thompson for Billy Abbott Role

On Young and the Restless, there are legions of fans that never embraced Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott. Let’s face it, soap recasts can be hard to sell, especially with die-hard, passionate, and longtime watchers. So, there’s definitely a fan faction that would love to have Billy Miller back in the role, no matter who the producers run over to make it happen.

Then again, some recasts are welcome and adored. For instance, the new Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) is steadily converting viewers to appreciating his dark, if younger, twist on the role. Let’s face it – soap fans are fickle and have their favorites. And for many, Billy Miller is and always will remain their preferred Billy Abbott. And now he’s on the market and could return to Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless – Is a Deal Already Sealed for Miller’s Return?

There’s also the question of whether Y&R already inked a deal with Billy Miller. Because it would be easier for the actor to walk away from GH if he knew he had another job waiting. It’s what Michelle Stafford did just a couple of months ago. Plus, this current Billy Abbott storyline might be laying the groundwork for an actor swap.

Some of Billy Miller’s best work on Young and the Restless was his torment over losing Delia Abbott (Sophie Pollono). And now all that’s bubbling up again. That was Emmy-winning material for Miller. So, perhaps Y&R is digging back into it setting the stage for Miller’s return… Fans wondered why churn up all the Delia drama after all this time. Maybe this is why they’re revisiting it.

Also, Josh Griffith scripted Delia Abbott’s death back in the day. He was the writer that developed that storyline specifically for Billy Miller. So, it seems plausible that he’d love to see the actor that he crafted it for come back around to finish it. With Griffith running things and himself a fan of Billy Miller as Billy Abbott, perhaps the stars aligned for his return. No word yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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