‘Young and the Restless’: Is Billy Losing His Mind Or Is He A Tool For Revenge Against Adam?

Young and the Restless spoilers remind Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) suffered a devastating loss and now he’s spiraling out of control. He’s still crushed about Delia Abbott’s (Sophie Pollono) death. Billy suffered from terrible guilt for leaving her alone in his car on that tragic night. When he discovered Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) allegedly struck Delia and tried to cover it up, he became enraged.

Adam’s first presumed death was in a car accident with Billy. The second was in a cabin explosion. So, Adam’s latest return has opened a floodgate of emotions in grieving father Billy. His intense rage and guilt focus on Adam. How can the man who killed his daughter still be alive when his daughter isn’t? He’s had haunting dreams of Delia. He’s heard her voice and got the message to “Stop Adam Now”. So is Billy Abbott nuts or is someone pushing his buttons on Y&R on CBS daytime?

Young and the Restless: Who Would Use Billy Abbott to Eliminate Adam Newman?

Y&R spoilers are certain there is a long list of people who would dance or Adam’s grave, but let’s narrow it down. Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) was Delia’s mother and inconsolable over her death. Her own attempts to murder Adam caused Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) to became Adam’s pawn. Chloe’s presumed dead by most people. So, Adam’s got the power to destroy her life if he exposes her. So, she could definitely be pushing Billy’s buttons if this is a set-up.

Kevin wants to protect his family from the prodigal Newman son. The couple has compelling reasons to want Adam dead. Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is in the middle of a nasty custody battle with his brother Adam. He’s also falling for his brother’s ex Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan). Plus, Nick would do anything to keep his son and Chelsea. There’s no love lost between these brothers. Adam’s demise would solve a lot of Nick’s problems, remind Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R Spoilers: Victor Newman Set up Adam Before – And Doesn’t Like Billy Abbott Much…

What about dear old dad Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)? Young and the Restless spoilers recall his determination to punish Adam led to other set-ups in the past. He rigged it so Adam Newman went to prison. They’ve had extreme clashes and who knows what The Mustache might do. Plus, his mind’s not right given his current medical treatments. He regrets bringing his youngest son home and makes that clear.

Plus, longtime viewers know Victor doesn’t like Billy Abbott with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). He’s playing nice with Billy Abbott now, but could be scheming against him. Victor’s sure Billy will fall off the wagon and spiral back into addiction, hurting his daughter. So, Victor plotting to use Billy to take out Adam would take care of two thorns in Victor’s side. So, maybe Victor’s to blame, tease Young and the Restless spoilers.

Young and the Restless: Does Billy Abbott Need Treatment?

Y&R spoilers know Billy lost himself to alcohol and gambling before and after losing Delia. He put his life together and committed himself to Victoria. Now, he’s in a good place but he’s in and out of her life for years, constantly promising to do better then letting her down. If anyone can be gaslighted into murdering Adam, it’s definitely Billy Abbott. But is the writing on the wall even there? There’s a chance Billy’s gone crazy. Maybe he’s punishing himself and no one else is involved.

If his mind’s fractured, Billy could have dug out the doll and wrote that on the wall during a crazed blackout. So, the big question is did Billy suffer mental break and is doing this to himself? Or is someone with a grudge against Adam (and possible Billy Abbott also) is messing with his mind so he’ll kill Adam. Keep watching Y&R on CBS to see if anyone could be that cruel.

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