‘Young and the Restless’: Beth Maitland Bullied – Eric Braeden Steps Up – Fans Hit Back at Hater

Young and the Restless actress Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott) was hassled by a troll online. Eric Braeden Gudegast (Victor Newman) and other passionate fans rode to her defense. This blossoming storyline with Traci Abbott and Cane Ashby divided fans. Some love “Trane” and some do not. But one viewer got nasty and tagged the actress. So, other fans and co-star Braeden stepped up to defend her. Here’s what stirred up fans on Twitter about the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Hater Says “Heinous Things” About Beth Maitland and Tags Actress in Post

A couple of days ago, a rando on Twitter tagged Beth Maitland on a tweet that read: “How revolting, Traci making a fool of herself. Could you stop this please, Y&R?” This person’s Twitter feed is a whole bunch of meanness on a variety of topics. Then, a fan jumped to her defense saying Beth is “KILLING it”. But then the hater came back again with an even crueler comment.

This person wrote: “Beth Maitland is making a fool of herself. You couldn’t pay me Eric Braeden’s salary to play having the hots over a pathological liar who wants a woman one third her size”. Young and the Restless fans didn’t like seeing this. Plus, this person also tagged Eric Braeden and Beth in the comments. Even most critics of the plot stick to discussing the characters and not the actors…

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Y&R: Fans Jump to Beth Maitland’s Defense Over Traci Abbott-Cane Ashby Plot

Then the same Young and the Restless fan rushed to remind the individual spilling haterade that it’s a show and these are fictional characters. Then the defender said “Beth is GORGEOUS” and called out the poster for writing “heinous things”. At this point, Beth Maitland jumped into the fray with some interesting comments. She usually sticks to soap discussions, but this was a special occasion.

First, the Y&R actress thanked the fan that came to her defense for “returning us to reality”. Then Beth Maitland reiterated: “I do what they write. I’m an actor.” Plus, according to Beth, she “LOVES representing real women with true hearts”. As for her but also added that while she respects the person’s right to their opinion she also will “respect tolerance, kindness, an open mind” and acceptance.

Eric Braeden Adds Kind Thoughts About His Co-Star – Beth Says Thanks

Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden saw this all going down because the person that made the nasty comments made sure to @ both him and Beth Maitland for some reason. Then they also made the creepy remark about betting his salary. The actor chimed on about his longtime co-worker and was loud and clear in his support. Plus, Eric Braeden is often outspoken.

The Y&R actor said Traci Abbott portrayer “is one of the kindest people I have ever met and A DAMNED GOOD ACTRESS!” Then, Beth Maitland replied: “Thank you, my dear”. She added that it was “Just a little fuss over name calling and misunderstandings”. Her final words were that: “I feel very championed and loved… and am a little tougher than I look”.

What’s interesting about the fuss over “Trane” (AKA Traci and Cane) is how the fans divided. Many love the idea of pairing Cane Ashby and Traci Abbott. And among those that aren’t down for it, the primary issue is they think Traci can do much better. Unfortunately, like Taylor Swift said haters gonna hate. The tweeter deleted their terrible post and it’s too bad Beth Maitland had to see it at all. If you’re #TEAMTRANE stay tuned – things are heating up.

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