‘Young and the Restless’: Adam’s The True Heir to Victor Newman’s Legacy

Young and the Restless spoilers remind that Adam Newman‘s (Mark Grossman) often the favored child of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden Gudegast). Particularly whenever he pops up from the dead. It seems that Victor tried to hand Adam the reins of the Newman empire many times. And also, Adam’s tried to take control as well – in defiance of his father.

Once again, in recent weeks, Victor was ready to hand the keys to the kingdom to his prodigal son – yet he refused it. So, is Adam Newman really the heir apparent that should be in charge of the family dynasty on the CBS sudser?

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Refused The CEO Seat

Y&R spoilers show it’s an interesting dynamic this time around with Adam Newman’s return. Both Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) anticipated a power grab from their little brother. That didn’t happen. At first he wanted nothing – then he just wanted his kids and family life back. And even when his siblings frustrated him, he still didn’t take what Victor offered.

Despite Victoria always being her dad’s loyal little lap dog, Victor had no problem handing control of Newman Enterprises to his resurrected son. Even though he’d done his dad wrong in the past. Even though he’d been missing, presumed dead for years. And despite him recently suffering amnesia. Still, Victor chose his youngest son over Vikki, remind Young and the Restless spoilers.

Y&R: The Mustache Hounded by Guilt Over Lost Son?

Young and the Restless fans know Victor’s feeling guilty because his other children grew up in lives of privilege and wealth. Yet Adam and Victor are more alike in that they both grew up poor. Victor grew up in foster homes while his younger son grew up on a farm with his mother Hope Wilson (Signy Coleman). It was only late in life that Adam discovered the great and powerful Victor Newman.

Then, Adam Newman decided he wanted to be like his dad so he raised the money and went to Harvard business school just like his dad. He’s a self-made man, not a trust fund brat like his siblings. So, Victor admires that in him. He’s ruthless and aggressive, just like his father. Even when his youngest son’s at his worst, Victor grudgingly appreciates his spunk, on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Refuses to Take Victor’s Handouts

Remember from Y&R history that when Victor offered to pay off Adam Newman’s student loans, his son refused. Instead, he carved his own path. Meanwhile, his spoiled siblings sued Victor and won hundreds of millions of dollars of their father’s hard-earned money. By comparison, Adam accepted a high-ranking job at Newman Enterprises and took full advantage of that, but never acted entitled.

Victor’s other children, especially Victoria, disagree with their father’s high opinion of their little brother. She thinks Newman Enterprises should be hers to run. As for Nick, he’s hot and cold on the family business and lacks a consistent killer instinct. But often, Adam’s the one that’s willing to go to any lengths to get what he wants. He truly inherited The Mustache’s killer instincts on Young and the Restless. 

Y&R’s Victor and Adam — So Much Alike

On Young and the Restless, one of the things that makes Adam Newman dislike his father (and vice versa) is how much alike they are. Adam and Victor share the “win at all costs” mentality. The Mustache admires those who are willing to do anything to make things happen. It’s one of the things he and Adam share in common. It is also one of the major reasons that the father and son butt heads so often.

Now, Y&R fans see the ruthless Adam emerge again over this custody suit. The bottom line is Victor wanted his youngest son back in Genoa City but he’s too stubborn to follow his father’s agenda. But it is clear that Adam truly is Victor Newman Jr – a carbon copy of his father. So whether he takes the throne or not, he’s the true heir.

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