‘Young And The Restless’ 4/26/2018 Recap – Day Ahead Thursday April 26 ‘Y&R’ Spoilers

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Y&R Thursday, April 26 Recap

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) promises Ravi (Abhi Sinha) that he will make it worth his while if he can figure out what is on the memory card. Kyle approaches Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) inquiring if she is going to interview Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams), feeling it is kind of sudden that she is pulling the plug on the video project. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) comes into the living room, wondering the same thing.

Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) is on the phone at Crimson Lights while Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) is busy running the place while Sharon McAvoy (Sharon Case) was out. Mariah agrees with her that Nick looks intense revealing he was glued to his phone since he came in. Sharon is curious, and both join him at his table where he tells them the police are having a hard time tracking down JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill), so Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) has his investigators looking into it and Nick is doing everything he can to help.

Nick Obsessed With Finding JT

Young and the Restless spoilers say when Sharon questions Nick, he says he is going to check on Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). He’s sure she has put her kids to bed by now. He wants her to know he is looking into it and knows what JT put her through. Sharon tries to stop him, saying this is the last thing Victoria needs. At home, Victoria looks at Reed Hellstrom’s (Tristan Lake Leabu) bag and puts her and JT’s wedding picture back. The doorbell rings and it is Mac (Kelly Kruger) who demands to know where JT is, saying her kids are missing their father.

Phyllis Summers (Gina Tognoni) meets with an elated Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) at the coffee house, congratulating her on the pregnancy. She is dying to know Devon Hamilton’s (Bryton James) reaction. At HWG, Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) and Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil) are both surprised to see Devon at the office, figuring he was taking some time away to figure some things out after the stunt Hilary pulled. Devon states he is not discussing this with either of them.

Abby Shows Video To Kyle and Jack

Abby apologizes as Jack watches the video of Dina, but he thanks her for showing it to him. She shares with Jack and Kyle that there is no way of telling whether what Dina is saying has any connection to reality or if she is making it up as she goes along. Kyle says that at least they were able to capture at least part of her reality on tape, and Abby admits it has been fun.
Kyle wants to see more of it, while Abby says Charlie Ashby (Noah Alexander Gerry) is putting together footage for everyone to see. Jack says what if they made it a screening and an event; more of a night in honor of Dina’s accomplishments. Dina interrupts them saying, she is ready for the club, asking Kyle to bring the car around as it is time for her swimming lesson.

Sharon Tries to Keep Nick Away

Sharon thanks Nick to staying around, but Mariah says Sharon shouldn’t stop him as they could bond over what JT did to their father. Nick and Sharon inform Mariah that JT was abusing Victoria. Mariah says if Victoria feels alone and guilty, Nick needs to be there, but Sharon protests saying if Victoria needs him, she would reach out to him.

Victoria and Mac discuss JT but when she learns what JT did to Victor, she asks Victoria point blank if she knows where he is. Victoria shakes her head no and tells her she doesn’t know what to do. Neither of them knows what to do. Mac says this isn’t fair to the kids. Victoria admits she should have listened to her as Mac asks how bad was it. Victoria says he was controlling and judgmental but Mac knows there was more, finally asking if he ever got so angry that he… Victoria looks away.

Devon Fights With Family

Devon is on the phone talking about Simone. When he hangs up, Neil tells him he needs to talk to him and Lily about Hilary. Devon doesn’t want it to turn into a Hilary bashing session because he willingly entered into a contract with her, and now a child is involved – HIS child. He packs his paperwork up and says he will see them bright and early tomorrow. Neil tells Lily that Devon agreed to this and now wants to back out, but she says that Devon wants to be a father but what he doesn’t want is Hilary.

Hilary frets to Phyllis that Devon isn’t “into” this like she is. She is angry that Devon is ashamed of her and the baby. Phyllis says he needs to step up and no disappearing acts allowed. Phyllis suggests that Hilary gives him some time. Hilary says Simone is the reason Devon is so conflicted but then admits that sometimes she is her own worse enemy.

Victoria Tells Mac Ugly Truth

Victoria sits with Mac and reveals what began as a usual argument escalated until they ended up on opposite sides of the bathroom door. They apologized and decided to find a way forward. Mac realized it was at that point that JT decided to kill Victoria’s father. Victoria asked Mac if JT ever tried to hit her. Mac says no but admits she recognized the pattern and can’t believe how long it took her to change it.

She is angry that this is all on JT, who is continuing the pattern by leaving the children without so much as a goodbye. Mac apologizes for not trying harder for convincing Victoria how much JT has changed and how dangerous he has become. She insists they have to work together to find JT. Victoria says that may be impossible.

Dina Perks Kyle’s Interest

Abby tells Dina she must have slept through her alarm, as it is night time and missed her swim lessons. Dina says she is overly tired. She introduces John (i.e., Jack) to Kyle. Dina then leans into Kyle and tells him quietly she doesn’t want John to get suspicious. When she goes upstairs, Kyle asks Jack who she thought he was – possibly Brent Davis?!

Mac is talking to Nick when Sharon joins them at the counter. Mac reveals it was a much more difficult conversation since Victoria is left wondering how she could have kept JT from escalating. The truth is there was nothing she could have done. Nick is surprised Victoria was willing to open up to her. Nick heads to Victoria’s, hoping she will open up to him too. Sharon interrupts Hilary, needing to borrow Phyllis, Sharon tells her Nick went to see his sister. At first, Phyllis is okay with it but when she learns that Nick wants results, Phyllis knows she is the only one who can handle it. Phyllis bolts from the coffee house.

Kyle Grills Jack

Jack is about to leave for drinks with an associate when Kyle is curious about what Dina was talking about earlier. Kyle is shocked that Dina has affairs and that John knew, yet was an amazing father; Jack admits he owes it to Kyle to be a better father. Abby overhears the conversation as Jack says hopefully someday they will get this right.

Victoria is curious as to why Nick is there. He reveals that he knows what JT did to her. She says he doesn’t need to rescue her. Nick tells her he has no solid leads to work with to find JT. They are interrupted by someone at the door. It’s Phyllis, who says they are having girls night and Nick is not invited.

Victoria Irritated With the Ladies

Sharon arrives and Victoria is shocked she is there too. Victoria is upset they both think she would cave and tell Nick everything. Sharon admits that maybe they made a mistake not telling the police. She suggests this made things worse now that Mac and Nick are questioning everything. Victoria says they need to keep going. Sharon wonders if going to prison is better than all this guilt. Sharon walks out to get some air.

Lily and Neil talk about how much Devon wants to have kids. Hilary walks into the office saying she will be out of the hair in a minute. She’s gathering the papers for tomorrow’s show. Lily catches on saying Hilary was hoping Devon was going to be there since they haven’t talked since her little announcement. Neil takes the high road and offers her congratulations instead. Lily keeps berating her and Hilary tells her to keep going so she can be sure to never see her niece or nephew. Neil tells Lily to stop.

Devon Boozing

At the bar, Devon is drinking shots when Jack joins him. Jack mentions him becoming a father. Devon reveals it is not the baby that is the problem. Jack talks about how much he loved his father from day one, and how he gave his father grief. Jack mentions being a father to Kyle and Devon wants to know where he thinks he went wrong with him. Jack advises him to put the work in from day one and don’t let his feelings for the child’s mother get in the way of being a good parent. Jack says otherwise, he’ll end up like him.

Sharon goes to Chancellor Park to where they buried JT. She kneels in the garden. Phyllis and Victoria find Sharon at the park garden and ask what she is doing there. Victoria says it looks too suspicious. Sharon says it has been a long night and she is going home.

Hilary Threatens Lily

Lily challenges Hilary, saying she will not keep her from her brother’s child. Hilary says two words, “Restraining Order!” Neil tells them to calm down, but they continue to argue. Lily says she will be the strong female presence in the baby’s life. Hilary shoves her and Neil breaks them up saying they need to co-exist for the sake of the baby.

Mariah walks into the GCAC asking Devon if he is mad at her. He says what sparked all of this? He asks if it’s the contract he signed with Hilary. He says how could he not be happy about becoming a father? Mariah reminds him this is not a party and he isn’t drinking champagne. Devon says it is not the baby – it is what comes along with the baby.

Kyle Pressures Abby

Kyle talks to Abby again about the Dina project ending. Abby admits it is too heartbreaking to continue. Kyle questions her if the person Dina was involved with really existed. Abby says there is no way to tell. Kyle says the look on Abby’s face says that he is right. He says there were some men in Dina’s life. Abby says he will have to wait for the video and he won’t get any spoilers from her.

Kyle gets a message from Ravi, who was able to get the video and sends it to him. Kyle watches it immediately and is shocked to hear that Dina had multiple affairs with many consequences. Before he can finish it, Jack walks in, asking him what he is watching. Jack goes upstairs.

Sharon’s Cracking

Sharon comes home as Nick is on the phone saying as soon as they find anything on JT to contact him. He tells her he went to see Victoria but didn’t get anything from her because Phyllis interrupted. Sharon agrees that its great for Victoria to have friends, as she could use them right now. Sharon gets very quiet and Nick asks if everything is all right, as she seems a little off. She says it was a long day and is going to bed.

Victoria and Phyllis have a bad feeling about Sharon, and they feel she should have come back to Victoria’s instead of back to her place with Nick. In the next scene, Sharon returns to the garden on Chancellor Park. She notices the dirt in the garden sink and a hand pops out of the dirt! Sharon screams and jumps up in bed from her nightmare. Nick runs to her side, asking what her bad dream is about. He holds her, demanding to know what her dream is about, saying if she talks about what is bothering her will make her feel better. He leaves to make her some tea.

Kyle Finds Out He’s Not A Blood Abbott

Jack tells Kyle to put his phone down and says they should watch the baseball game together, but Kyle says watching baseball is like watching paint dry. Kyle says he has work to do and Jack goes to watch the game in the den. Kyle puts on earplugs and watches the video Ravi sent. Dina says about the affair she had that produced Jack and Jack is the consequence and NOT John’s son!

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