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Y&R Wednesday, April 25 Recap

As Wednesday’s Young and the Restless begins, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) straightens up his tie as he arrives for his first day back on the job at Jabot. He exits the elevator, finds Jack’s office door closed, and messages Phyllis Summers (Gina Tognoni), asking where she is.

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) greets him and Billy admits it all feels a bit surreal to him. Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) congratulates them and learns Billy’s new title is “Chief Operating Officer of Jabot” – he’s Jack’s second in command. Kyle is disappointed Jack didn’t pick him for the job. Billy thanks Kyle for botching the sale of Jabot and making it possible for him to return.

Phyllis and Victoria Talk Murder

Phyllis is at Victoria Newman’s (Amelia Heinle) house but she lies to Billy saying she is meeting with a vendor and should be at the office soon. Victoria tells Phyllis about the visit with Paul Williams (Doug Davidson). She says he knew about JT Hellstrom’s (Thad Luckinbill) abuse because Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) installed cameras and recorded the abuse. Phyllis wonders if there are more cameras around the house.

At the ranch, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) finishes shaving Victor’s face, when she informs him she is having a New Hope meeting there a little later and says he is welcome to join them if he feels up to it. The doorbell rings and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) arrives. Victor wants to speak to him about something.

Reed Vents to Sharon

Sharon finds Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu) into the back of Crimson. She says she is a great listener and sometimes it helps to get things off his chest about his dad. He vents that his dad is gone and he doesn’t know if he is going to come back. Reed doesn’t know if talking about it is going to make it better. He says his dad worked so hard to be a part of his life again and he doesn’t understand why he would “ghost him” like this.

In Jack’s office, Billy messages Phyllis, teasing that making him wait for her is “so hot!” Jack continues barking orders at Kyle about organizing the records room. Jack tells Billy he will hit the ground running with a complete review of Jabot’s manufacturing facilities. Jack is also placing Jabot’s R&D priority list in his hands. Kyle is upset because that was his project but Billy brushes him off and brings up a new idea that intrigues Jack. Billy reminds Kyle that he thinks small and Billy is the one who knows what women want.

Ladies Worry About Hidden Cameras

Victoria reminds Phyllis that if there were more video footage, they all would be answering for rolling JT in the rug. Phyllis admits it is creepy that her father had her under video surveillance. She says it’s an invasion of her privacy. Phyllis suggests that Victor and JT are a lot alike with their control issues. Victoria admits she spoke to her therapist about it and that is why she let JT get away with it for so long. She was familiar with the behavior but needs to be strong for herself – and especially for Reed

Sharon talks to Reed saying people didn’t hate his dad 0 they are just in shock. Old friends feel he wasn’t the man they remember. Reed felt Victoria always forgave Billy over and over again. He says with his dad, it was one mistake and BOOM, he was gone. Sharon wonders if Reed doesn’t believe JT attacked his grandfather. Reed wants to hear JT’s side of the story. He admits he loves his father and wants to tell him so. Reed feels his dad forgot about him and ran to save his own skin. He says it sucks.

Victor And Nick Reconcile

Young and the Restless spoilers say Victor tells Nick he heard him fight to keep him on the life support machines. Victor apologizes that he can’t speak very well. He begins to cry and thanks Nick for visiting all the time. Nick says Victor will always be his dad no matter what is going on between them. Victor sobs and thanks him.

Billy feels Kyle didn’t enjoy his lesson in humility. Jack hopes Billy can handle his full plate of assignments. Jack likes Billy’s attitude but warns him to not make too big an enemy of Kyle. Jack wants Kyle to focus on his work and not how to get back at Billy. Jack admits he wouldn’t have given Billy the job of COO if he truly wasn’t up to the job. Billy wants to bring Jabot to the trade shows and show the world they are back. Jack reminds him that Billy is working for him – he’s the boss and doesn’t want another Kyle situation.

Sharon Worries About Reed

Sharon tells Nikki she just spoke to Reed, and he is struggling. Nikki understands but they didn’t have time to think of the ramifications of their actions. She says it’s too late to undo it, so they must live with it. Sharon thinks they need to tell Paul. She knows what is at stake and that Phyllis and Victoria would be very much against it. Reed calls Billy and begs him to meet him in person and then he leaves.

Ravi Shapur (Abhi Sinha) runs into Kyle at Jabot. Kyle butters him up, saying Ravi is a “Rock Star” and that he needs his help. Billy meets with Reed at Crimson Lights. Reed says he doesn’t think he can live with Victoria anymore. Billy says he will listen to him before he gets into his lecture. Reed blames Victoria for what happened with JT. He enjoyed having a dad for a minute, but now JT is a criminal who supposedly tried to kill his grandfather.

Reed Opens Up to Billy

Reed says now he has to keep his mouth shut and can’t yell at his mom because she is the one upset. Billy tells him that no one gets into a relationship expecting it to come to an end. Billy says he doesn’t know everything that went on with JT and Vicki but he does know she never meant to hurt him. Reed says he understands. Billy says he sees this as an opportunity for Reed. He gets that Reed misses his dad but now he gets to focus on his life. Reed says it will only happen if he does something drastic.

Nikki returns and sees that Nick and Victor made baby steps in their relationship. She reveals there has been no word on JT. Victor tells Nick that Paul and Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell) learned something during their investigation. He tells Nikki to tell Nick, but she refuses. Victor  then tells Nick that JT abused Victoria. Nick storms out saying if he finds JT, he will kill him with his bare hands.

Nick Furious About JT Abuse Reveal

Y&R spoilers promise Nick is furious as Nikki admits that she knew about this. Nick wants to talk to Victoria but Nikki stops him saying the last thing Victoria needs is him grilling her about it. Arturo (Jason Canela) arrives and Nikki whispers how happy she is that he is there. Nikki promises to fill him in later. Nick says Sharon was invited but they can start without her. He will also fill in Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) about the details. Jack comes in, mocks Victor, and the meeting begins.

Ravi reviews the memory card and Kyle asks if he can retrieve what is on it. Ravi wants to know if it is personal or Jabot stuff. Kyle plays it off and says he’s a gamer. Ravi says he will do what he can. Kyle says he has faith in his abilities. Phyllis gets off the elevator smiling and Kyle asks if she’ll give him a chance to make her smile like that. Phyllis says,”Next question!” Kyle asks if she spoke to Summer recently and she asks why. He’s only wondering what she is up to these days.

Reed Wants to Leave Genoa City

Billy brings Reed home to Victoria and offers to sit with the two of them. He says Reed has an idea with some merit. Reed says he can’t live somewhere where all he hears is bad things about his dad. Billy encourages Reed to tell Victoria what he told him but to be calm. Reed says he can’t be somewhere where his dad is the villain. Victoria suggests he can live at the ranch with his grandparents. Reed scoffs and says his grandpa hates JT more than Victoria does.

JT looks at Billy when Victoria asks where Reed wants to go. Reed says he found a boarding school in New Hampshire. He says JT was the only one who encouraged him not to give up on music. He wants to go to this school because it will make him feel closer to his father. Reed says he can think about the good parts of his dad, not the bad. Billy encourages Victoria to listen to Reed. Billy leaves them to discuss it after hugging Reed, who thanks him for listening to him with an open mind.

Jack And Victor Bicker

Nikki suggests they book another meeting in two weeks. Jack asks if Victor wants to pat him down before he leaves to make sure he didn’t make off with the silverware. Victor says to make sure the door doesn’t hit him on the way out. Nick says he is leaving too and Victor thanks him. Nikki asks Arturo to stay behind as she has a question that requires his expertise. Victor’s interests are piqued.

Reed and Victoria talk about the boarding school. She isn’t saying yes because she doesn’t want him running away from his problems. She also reminds him his community service isn’t done. Reed confirms it was done last Friday. Vicki is impressed he checked everything out and is being responsible. She is worried about him. He hugs her as she says she had hoped for at least another year before she had to say goodbye to her boy. Reed looks her in the face and asks if she is really saying he can go.

Nick Reveals Abuse To Sharon

Billy gets off the Jabot elevator as Phyllis asks him where he has been. He pulls her into the elevator, saying things have just gotten a hell of a lot better. Billy says he loves this elevator as some of their favorite memories are in it. Phyllis asks if he misses the sneaking around.

Nick returns to Sharon’s place and she asks about the meeting. She says she couldn’t be there because she was short a manager. Nick tells her his parents told him something disturbing. He reveals that JT was abusing Victoria. It kills him that Victoria was dealing with this, confused and terrified. Sharon talks about working on the hotline and how hard it is for victims. Nick says he was determined to find this guy for what he did to his dad and it’s more critical than ever to find him now.

Victor Catches Nikki Flirting

At the Newman Ranch, Nikki tells Arturo that she didn’t mean to scare him earlier. She says it really was nice to see a friendly face. He was glad to help with that. Nikki really did have an expert question, but when she asks him, he suggests meeting at the club later to talk. That turns into flirting. Victor observes Nikki walking him out, and he isn’t impressed.

Victoria admits the only thing worse than Reed leaving is keeping him somewhere he isn’t happy. If it were up to her, she would keep him close forever. Reed tells her to say the words. Vicki agrees to let him go as long as he calls her every night and video chats and she can come to parent events. She tells him how proud she is of him following his dreams and says JT would be too. Reed says he is going to text JT about the school, even if he doesn’t respond. Victoria says to keep his dad in his prayers and tell him he loves him. Reed runs off happy while Victoria crumples to the floor in tears.

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