‘Young And The Restless’ 4/24/2018 Recap – Day Ahead Tuesday April 24 ‘Y&R’ Spoilers

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Y&R Tuesday, April 24 Recap

Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) comes into the living room where Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) reveals there is no news on JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). Nikki is sure his investigators will find something. The doorbell rings and GCPD Chief Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) is there with questions about JT. Nikki invites him inside.

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) finds Reed Hellstrom (Tristan Lake Leabu) sitting on the couch listening to tunes on his laptop. She asks if he slept through his carpool, and demands to know what is going on. Vicki confronts him on his attitude and threatens punishment if he evades her questions. She says he wouldn’t be baiting her if his father were there. He says JT isn’t there, because of her!

Why do Kyle and Victor keep Jack’s paternity secret?

Kyle Takes Jack’s Jabot Chair Again

At the Jabot offices, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) knocks on Jack’s (Peter Bergman) door. When there is no answer, Kyle lets himself in, leaves the door wide open, and sits at his father’s desk. He puts the charred memory card in the laptop, but then Jack walks in and asks if he is comfortable. Young and the Restless spoilers promise Kyle and Jack are playing a dangerous game with each other.

At HWG, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) tells Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) that he has to overrule his decision that Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) work solely from GC Buzz. Before Devon can explain, Hilary sends a text. Devon finds Hilary who says she wants everyone to meet for lunch at the Top of the Tower for the BIG news. Devon says, “Not like this, and not today!

Gloria Wants Jack to Beg

Kyle calls Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman) and says he’s with his dad at Jabot. She doesn’t believe him and thinks it’s a prank. Glo demands that he put Jack on the phone. Kyle hands Jack the phone and calls him a coward for not calling her himself. If Jack wants Gloria back, he is going to have to really BEG! Young and the Restless spoilers say fans are thrilled to see Glo back at Jabot.

Nikki returns to the living room and asks Paul and Victor what she missed. Victor tells her Paul hasn’t found JT yet and suggests they pool their resources. Victor confronts Paul on hiring JT to dig up dirt on him in the first place. The Mustache questions whether he wants JT found at all. Paul says he has a duty to perform and JT is a criminal who attempted to kill Victor. Paul reveals he has Victor’s tablet and Victor says that is the reason he wants JT behind bars and not on Paul’s payroll.

Devon Backs Hilary Down

Hilary tells everyone she shouldn’t have been impulsive about lunch at Top of the Tower as Devon looks on. Neil asks what she was going to tell them at lunch. Hilary makes an excuse about a team-building thing but Devon reminded her how busy everyone has been. Hilary says she’ll reschedule. Mariah says that is too bad since she would have ordered the most expensive thing on the menu. Recent Young and the Restless spoilers questioned whether or not she’s pregnant, but it sure seems that she is!

Everyone goes back to work and Devon asks Hilary if he could go over the “focus group” report with her. Hilary is frustrated with Devon. She says she figured he would want to get ahead of the story and tell everyone the right way. He reminds her that Simone (Shanica Knowles) is not going to be the only one who will have a hard time with this. He looks over at his sister, Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Neil.

Reed Frustrated With His Mom

Victoria tells Reed she is now running late for work so she needs to get him to school. Reed is frustrated that JT isn’t reading or responding to his texts. Reed admits calling Mac (Kelly Kruger). He is upset that even Mac hasn’t heard from JT. Reed tells Victoria she expects everyone to be perfect and she’s bossy. Vicki admits JT was everything to her and she tried to show it to him. Victoria opens up a little but clamps up before revealing what JT did to her.

JT says he misses his dad and needs to understand why he is gone. Paul asks Victor why he argued with JT in the first place. Victor said there was something he needed to discuss with him. Victor shows Paul the video of JT abusing Victoria. Nikki is shocked. She thought it was possible but had never seen the video. Paul takes the tablet and leaves. Victor says JT better hope the police find him before he does. Nikki looks worried.

Hilary Drops Hints – Shades Simone

Hilary puts on her coat telling Mariah they need to get the studio to prep for today’s show. Simone arrives and comments on Hilary’s outfit. Hilary says she likes it and says it makes her “glow.” Devon kisses Simone and they are quickly joined by Neil and Lily. Devon’s family notes the tension between Simone and Hilary. Devon reiterates that Simone is the woman in his life, not Hilary.

Kyle knocks on Jack’s door. Jack is disappointed – hoping it was Glori. He’s frustrated with the temps not doing their job. Kyle offers to work on Jack’s computer. Jack tells Kyle to get back on the phone and make sincere apologies to everyone Jack needs that Kyle fired. Kyle says he just finished the last call. Jack says if that is the case, Kyle’s place is at the reception desk until Gloria returns. Kyle keeps eye-balling the memory stick he left inside Jack’s laptop, sitting directly in front of Jack!

Paul Grills Cane on JT

At GCAC, Paul joins Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard), who isn’t sure how much he can help him. Cane tells him JT was intense and upset the last time he saw him. He says JT looked more remorseful than angry and said he wouldn’t see him after that night. Cane says what stuck with him was JT saying he would hear things about him and to believe them or not. Paul informs him that JT never went back to Victoria’s place, as all his stuff is still there.

He says from what they know of JT, he would have gone down fighting if pushed into a corner. Paul admits that after what he’s learned in the past few days, he didn’t really know JT at all. Nikki is furious with Victor that he had video proof of JT abusing Vicki. She’s also made he had cameras installed without her knowledge in her own home. Nikki let it slip that she also knew about the abuse. Victor wants to know what she did to rescue Victoria. Nikki rushes out of the house, saying she will talk to him later.

Nikki Snaps at Arturo

Mariah approaches Hilary who seems to be in a foul mood. Mariah asks if she is okay, saying her mood changed when she ran into Simone. Mariah asks if she wants to talk about it. Hilary says she is not allowed to. Mariah walks away, shocked that Hilary actually said those words and is sticking to it.

Nikki arrives at the GCAC to meet with Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) and gives him the documents he needed. He asks how she is doing, but she ignores his questions and says they can have their meeting at the ranch the following morning. Arturo asks her if it would be uncomfortable for her but she tells him Victor doesn’t know they used to see each other – she uses the past tense.

Arturo is shocked by her words but Nikki flat out says she saw him and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway), her step-daughter, at dinner. She says the least he could have done was tell her when they were together it was going to be the last time.

Reed Continues to Rage

Paul stands outside Victoria’s house as Reed stomps out still yelling at his mother. Paul apologizes for his lack of timing but she says it is okay as Reed still has a lot of questions. Paul tells her that he just spoke to Cane who might have been the last person to see JT. It was the same night she met with Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), Nikki and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). Paul shares that JT told Cane that no one might see him again.

Paul says he will impound JT’s car to see if they can get a clue where JT might be. He also says that JT gave Cane the impression he was coming home that night, something Victoria says was wrong. She insists he definitely never showed up that night. Paul pulls out Victor’s tablet and says there is something sensitive on it – a video. Paul says he knows JT abused her. Victoria is in utter shock. There is a video on there of her and JT fighting. Vicki asks how that is even possible.

Gloria Back to Jabot

Gloria comes off the Jabot elevator asking Jack how many times he is going to text her. She notices that Kyle is her replacement. Jack begs Gloria to come back, but she says she only came back to demand he stop texting her. Kyle jumps out of his seat and pleads with her to return. Jack asks her what it is going to take. She wants a new title and a bump in pay plus 2 more weeks vacation, it is almost a deal, but then she says she wants Kyle gone.

Kyle promises he is cleaning up his act. She wanted the chemist Helen gone and was happy to learn Jack fired her. Kyle tells her not to sign the deal without a 3-hour lunch and five martinis with the boss and she agrees. Arturo asks Nikki where she is going and she tells him she isn’t into a man who is juggling women, especially her step-daughter. She says it hits too close to home. He says he isn’t sleeping with Abby. Nikki says she can enjoy the present with him and have him under her own roof with Victor having no idea who he really is.

Victoria Angry About Hidden Camera

Victoria is struggling with her father having a hidden camera installed in her home. Paul apologizes as Victoria says she doesn’t want to be reminded of what happened between her and JT. She says both were at fault. Paul says Victoria could have come to him. Paul says he went through this with April and it tears him up that she couldn’t trust him to come to him with this. Paul insists Vicki can still file charges against JT. Paul asks if this is the only time JT did this.

Victoria insists he isn’t coming back and Paul wants to know how she is so sure. Victoria says he isn’t here and that is a fact. Paul says she knows but does JT? Devon and Neil come back raving about Simone’s new single. Lily asks if everyone wants to catch the end of Hilary’s show and they turn it on. Hilary is talking about babies and gets emotional. She can’t wait to share the news and blurts over the air – “I AM PREGNANT and DEVON HAMILTON IS THE FATHER!” Kyle tries to open the video on Jack’s laptop but the file won’t play. He is about to throw the memory card in the garbage but hangs onto it instead.

That’s the end of the Tuesday, April 24 live day ahead recap!

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