‘Young And The Restless’ 4/23/2018 Recap – Day Ahead ‘Y&R’ Spoilers – Abby And Arturo Spark

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Y&R Monday, April 23 Recap

Y&R on Monday, April 23 starts with Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) at breakfast with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) explaining that she barely sleeps in that house after what happened to JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). Victoria tells Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) what JT did. Nikki reminds her to remember that in time this will pass and it was JT’s fault.

JT turned into a monster and was out of control. Nikki says Victoria needs to remember that Nikki killed him, not her. She tells Victoria to find a way to get past the guilt for all of them. Reed comes to visit Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). He doesn’t want to play any chess but wants to know about his dad instead.

Hamilton-Winters Family Drama

At HWG, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) is busy at work when Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) joyfully waltzes into work. She wants to have a quick chat with Devon, who tries to brushes her off. She says he is being harsh and unrealistic. Devon starts a conference call, ignoring her. She leaves the office with a pregnancy test inside her purse.

Back at the GCAC, Nikki tries to ease Victoria’s conscience and tells her how she is changing her focus and suggests her daughter do the same. Victoria plans to take a sick day until she can get her anxiety under control and leaves. Sexy Arturo (Jason Canela) sits at another table nearby.

Kyle Stirs The Post

Then on Monday’s Y&R, Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) stares at the burnt memory card, when Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) asks him what he is up to. He says he was wondering the same thing about her. Kyle asks Abby what they plan on doing with they plan on doing with all the footage of their grandmother Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams). Abby gets defensive and Kyle reminds her that Dina is his grandmother too.

Kyle says he is excited about the video they captured and wants to know what she said. Abby quickly goes to the fireplace and sweeps the ash back in and says this is why they did the videos in the first place. Abby says Dina’s stories are exciting and valuable. Kyle asks how Dina deals with the reality and fantasy. She says they are going to compile the best conversations and show it to the family – even him.

Arturo Tempted

Nikki approaches Arturo’s table and joins him. She thanks him for his visionary work in Chancellor Gardens. She shares that Victor is home and getting better every day. Nikki says Victor knows she is seeing someone. Arturo takes it as a warning but she says not at all. She entices him with lunch in a suite upstairs. Reed wants to know from Victor what happened between him and JT that night at the ranch. Victor says he just checked out of the hospital and can’t talk about it.

Victor wants to play chess. Reed says he will play under the condition that if he wins, he gets to ask him a question about his father. Nikki and Arturo return downstairs after a little afternoon delight. He says “two workouts in one morning and I still have a job to do!” Nikki flirts about his energy levels and he says hers has only gotten higher.

Arturo tells her not to take on the burden or feeling she could have prevented so many things when she shares she knew something was “off” with JT. He says she doesn’t deserve that. Nikki feels he doesn’t deserve the revenge sex but he says revenge sex is hot.

Victoria Struggles to Cope

Victoria meets with her therapist, who asks if she feels threatened today. Victoria says no. Victoria reveals that continuing things with JT was the worst mistake of her life. Victoria continues to tell the therapist that she tried to rationalize everything with her and JT. She felt that preserving their relationship was the most important thing in her life, even though her father was fighting for her life in intensive care.

The therapist asks Victoria about JT losing control once at home and asked if it happened in Hawaii. Victoria said it didn’t because she grabbed the children and came straight home. The therapist reveals she read the reports that JT attempted to kill her father and asks if JT confessed that to Victoria.

Shaken, Victoria says yes, but not specifically but that is why he was acting so desperate. Victoria takes the blame and says if she ended things sooner, JT wouldn’t have been so desperate and gone after her father the way he did. Victoria runs out of the session and office.

Reed Questions

Reed checks in the game, Victor says that is the best game he has ever played. Reed wants to know if he will now answer his questions but Victor “checkmates” him. Victor tells him that JT worked at NE under false pretenses. He says JT was trying to tie him to illegal activities and just wanted him back in prison. Reed thinks it is crazy.

Victor says JT got back together with Victoria to get access to Victor. Reed says he thinks his dad did it to reunite his family. Reed throws the chess pieces down and says Victor is lying. Nikki asks Reed why he is doing this and Reed says Victor is making up stuff to trash his dad.

Hilary Says She’s Pregnant!

Hilary returns to the office and Devon is still on the phone. She says she has news, but he still doesn’t get off the phone to talk to her. Hilary puts the pregnancy test in a baggie with a note saying “+ means we are having a baby!” and walks out the door. Victor tells Nikki that Reed wanted to know the truth about his father. Nikki demands Reed give his grandfather an apology.

Victoria calls frantic because JT’s car is missing from the garage. She’s worried the police are on to them. She shares with Victoria that Reed drove it. When Victoria hangs up, Victor asked if he drove without a valid license and Reed says it wasn’t far. Nikki says he is can’t be driving after his DUI . She doesn’t like him giving them an attitude, and says he is not the only one who is upset about his father.

Devon Accuses Hilary of Lying

Devon comes down to the GCAC, where he finds Hilary at the bar. She is now avoiding his calls. He checks her drink and finds she is drinking sparkling cider. Hilary says she wouldn’t prank him about something like a baby but he begs to differ. She offers to take another test and explains that it is the exact day her cycle is late and cheers him on becoming a baby daddy.

Devon says Hilary is misreading him, but she says his first thought is that she is lying. Devon tells her he is trying to wrap his head around it. Hilary reminds him that she was always prepared to be a single mom. She is glad she found out that he doesn’t want to be a dad and for the record, this baby’s father can be listed as “anonymous donor”. She says they don’t need a contract and encourages him to tear it up like he said.

Arturo Flirts Up Abby

Arturo comes down the stairs freshly showered and sees Abby sitting at one of the tables at the GCAC. She tells him they have to stop bumping into each other. Arturo says they can fix that by making plans next time, but she says that takes the fun out of it. He joins her at the table, suggesting they enjoy dessert together.

Victor and Nikki discuss Reed. Their grandson is being punished and is cleaning up after the horses. Victor feels he is strong but Nikki says he is sensitive and artistic. They both worry what JT did will affect Reed. Victor asks her if there is something she needs to discuss, and she mentions Helen. She tells him she will not play gracious host again to his mistress and leaves the room, Victor smirks as she storms off.

Victor Annoys Nikki

Victor watches as Nikki writes, saying if he remembers correctly, they agreed to be open with each other. Nikki says keeping with that, she should tell him she was with her gentleman friend this morning. Nikki goes to bring Reed back to Victoria’s. As she walks out, Kyle arrives to visit Victor.

Victor shares that Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) came to see him to reveal that Kyle tried to take Jabot public and failed. Kyle says he is desperate to get out of Jabot. Kyle wants Victor to give him a job at Newman Enterprises. Victor says not yet! Victor reminds him that he doesn’t do nice. He wants Kyle to continue at Jabot, learn everything he can, and tell him about it.

Kyle and Victor Plotting

Kyle says Ashley and Abby teamed up against him at the house. He says they’re hiding some secret of Dina’s past. He slips that Abby did video interviews with Dina. Victor says Dina is suffering from a terrible disease and he has nothing but sympathy for her. Victor tells Kyle to continue working hard and to leave his grandmother alone. He wants him to stick to being his mole at Jabot.

Hilary tells Devon their contract no longer fits into her plan. Devon won’t allow his child to grow up thinking he was an anonymous donor. Hilary is angry that he doesn’t care about the woman giving birth to the child. She brings up Simone, telling him to go on with her. Hilary says she will be doing everything alone. Devon pushes back and is adamant that she better keep him up to date and involved because that is his baby too and walks away before she can say anything else.

Nikki brings Reed home and Victoria tells Reed to go to his room and think about his reckless behavior. Nikki tells Victoria that her son is going through a terrible time trying to process this. Nikki reveals what she saw at the ranch. Nikki says they will help him get through it, as she comforts Victoria.

Victor Gives Kyle Marching Orders

Kyle tells Victor that after the stunt he pulled, it’s not like he will have access to confidential intel. Victor wants him to rebuild his relationship with Jack, to be humble and loyal. He encourages Kyle to play the long game, exercise patience as good things come to those who wait.

Abby and Arturo are talking about the next phase of Nick’s charity project. He is excited for what’s to come saying Rainbow Gardens was way more than a job for him. Abby asks how it was working with Nikki. He says it brought on new friendships and just as they are clinking glasses, Nikki walks into the GCAC. Nikki sees them smiling and laughing and the Newman Matriarch is not pleased. She quietly leaves the club without being seen,

Reed comes downstairs as Victoria tells him she understands how hard this is. Reed asks her if it is true and is furious at what Victor told him about JT. Victoria sits down and tells him it is true, but that isn’t the only reason JT came back. She says his dad had a lot of problems and rage inside of him and that is why she couldn’t be with him.

Reed feels maybe it’s not too late. He says if JT comes back, he could have probation and Victoria could give him another chance. Victoria says it is not possible. Reed gets upset, as it seems his dad is not coming back. He begins to sob as Victoria holds him.
That’s the end of the Y&R Monday, April 23 episode!

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