‘Young And The Restless’ 4/20/2018 Recap – Day Ahead ‘Y&R’ Spoilers – Jack Confronts Victor

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Y&R Friday, April 20 Recap

As Young and the Restless starts on Friday, April 20, you’ll see Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) arrives at Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) hospital room upset that he told the doctor he is leaving the hospital tonight! She is concerned he will relapse but he says he has a doctor coming to the house. Victor only wants to know about JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). Nikki is about to get a car to take him home when Helen (Sitara Hewitt) arrives, causing Nikki to drop her jaw.

Sharon McAvoy (Sharon Case) tells Phyllis Summers (Gina Tognoni) that Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) wants to track down JT so he can bring him to justice for what he did to Victor. Sharon says she has done everything she can to distract Nick’s attention. Phyllis says she needs to get him in line as Sharon is the only one he will listen to. Nick texts her, saying he wants to meet at Chancellor Park Garden; both women look worried.

The Abbotts Unite Against Kyle

Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) tells Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) was on his best behavior and acting like a team player but he doesn’t buy his act. Abby says this whole thing with Victor and Kyle is very classic. Ashley has been by Victor’s side this whole time, yet he teamed up with Kyle. Jack agrees that Kyle behaves like he is an Abbott in name only. Their conversation is interrupted when Kyle shows up at the door.

Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil) and Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) are enjoying date night, where she shares how her business trip went. She admits how much she loves her job, but she teases him about wanting to go to the coat room, but she says waiting is half the fun and asks him to dance with her. Young and the Restless spoilers from She Knows reveal Friday has Jack confronting Victor – read on to see what happens!

Nikki Displeased To Meet Mustache Mistress

Nikki scoffs at Victor, making a scene with his “friend”. Helen says they have met, right after she was accused of shutting off his ventilator. Nikki says Nick reported her to police but thanks to Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) they now know she is his mistress. Helen rubs it in that Victor says he could hear her whenever she stopped by and whenever she visited it made a difference. Victor questions Nikki on her whereabouts the night he was attacked.

Kyle says he is back in Genoa City for good and wants to see if there is room at the Abbott home for him. Jack wonders if there is any room at the Newman Ranch for him. Kyle says he never considered it. Ashley jokes, saying the Abbott estate is only a desirable location but Kyle says he is an Abbott – not a Newman – and wants to be with family. Kyle pleads, saying he wants to be home with them, as he hasn’t always been part of the family and wants to make up for lost time. Dina (Marla Adams) walks in and votes “yes!”

Phyllis Calms Panicky Sharon

Also on Friday’s Y&R spoilers show, Phyllis tells Sharon to calm down, and think about why Nick would want her to meet in the park. She says there is nothing to tie them to the park and she is being irrational. Sharon worries when Nick wants information he gets it, look at how he found Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

Phyllis says the only one who will blab about this is Sharon. Sharon scoffs saying she isn’t a professional liar like Phyllis, but Phyllis says she is an excellent amateur – just ask Sully, er Christian! Phyllis calls Sharon the weakest link in the “Girls’ club”.

Victor Demands Name of Nikki’s Lover

Nikki admits she regrets not being there immediately after his injury but he had his ex-wife Ashley and he had a visit from his first wife, Julia and of course his new friend, Helen. Victor demands to know who she was with the night he was attacked. Nikki says that is not in the spirit of their agreement, but he wants the guy’s name. She tells him not to worry, it isn’t Jack.

Helen pushes Nikki to say the name, but Nikki says Victor is just annoyed that she wasn’t home making him a get well quilt. Victor asks Nikki about telling Helen that she is the love of his life; Nikki doesn’t deny it suggesting Helen is kidding herself if she thinks otherwise. Victor tells Helen it is time, and she helps him get out of bed, where he says he will see Nikki at home.

Dina Embraces Kyle

Abby tells Jack that, at first, they thought Dina might think Kyle was him, but all they know is that Dina likes him. He says having Kyle there would be one more person to help with her, but Ashley is sure Kyle has an agenda. Abby says maybe it is what Victor is after and not what Kyle is looking for, but Ashley thinks it is too risky having him there. Jack reminds them of how Victor treated Adam, and how it ate him up inside and he won’t let Victor do that to Kyle, saying they are family.

Jack knows Kyle has worked against them and him. He says look at his relationship with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and with him and Ashley. Ash reminds him that things are a work in progress. He says things are better when they live under the same roof. He wants Kyle to live there. Ashley agrees but reserves the right to change her mind. Dina wonders why she hasn’t met Kyle before, thinking he is just a guy from the club. As he talks to her, Jack loves seeing his mother smiling.

Suspicious Abbotts Let Kyle Move In

Jack comes into the living room telling Kyle to pack his bags as he can move in. He says he was betting on that and his bags are in the car; Dina laughs saying she loves his cockiness. Jack warns him that it will be like this a lot, confusion and a lot of repeated stories. Abby gets a message that Victor has been released from the hospital. Charlie Ashby (Noah Alexander Gerry) arrives at the Abbott house to get the memory cards for Dina’s video.

Nikki comes home and learns that Victor invited Helen to stay for dinner; and Nikki offers her a drink and quickly asks Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) if he is free, but he is working late. But, Nikki isn’t impressed that it’s dinner for threnikkie. Cane and Lily walk through Chancellor Park where she talks about all the plans for the new park and can’t believe how JT turned out, but Cane was spot on how different JT was. Cane recalls his last talk with JT, thinking that the worst thing JT had done was cheat on Victoria, only because he couldn’t get past his own mistakes with Lily.

Cane And Lily Walk on JT’s Grave

Lily reassures him they got through that horrible time, but he says they deserve happiness, fought through this and made it happen. Cane isn’t sure what JT deserves but Lily says the universe has a funny way of sorting things out – if only they knew he was buried in the dirt right in front of them!

Nick and Sharon arrive at Crimson Lights, where Phyllis was anxiously waiting. She says she is waiting for donuts; but Nick says it looks like she is waiting for Sharon, she admits she was waiting to find out why Nick messaged Sharon. She learns about the vegetable garden and she babbles on and was overly supportive which makes Nick suspicious. Phyllis says she is acting like this because of JT, worried he will go after JT and encourages him to plant tomatoes and leave the cop work to cops.

Nick Obsessed About Finding JT

Nick asks if she, Sharon and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) talked about this, as all three of them said the same thing to him. He is furious that JT tried to murder his father and he should pay for that. Phyllis says JT is a security specialist and hunting for him will suck the life out of Nick who shouldn’t waste his energy on a hopeless cause.

Sharon gives Nick some food for the kids when he gets home, but he wants to stop at the police station to ask Paul some questions before he heads home. Phyllis reminds Nick how tough this is on Victoria, saying Victor survived so Nick needs to let this go for Victoria’s sake. Phyllis says Vickie wants to let things go and forget JT ever existed. After Nick leaves, Phyllis says she did her part and now it’s time Sharon pulled her weight.

Abby And Ashley Destroy Evidence

Ashley is anxious about giving Charlie the footage Abby shot of Dina, but Abby says it is okay as Charlie is almost a pro and they are grateful. Kyle loves that Dina is a character and can’t wait to hear all her stories. Abby shows Ashley that she held back the one memory card with the footage about Dina and her lover and Jack’s paternity. They agree to start a fire to get rid of it.

Helen thanks Nikki for dinner and says Victor needs his rest so she’s preparing to leave. Just then, Jack shows up at the door. Jack is surprised to see Helen at Victor’s side. He’s curious and demands to know who hired Helen to spy on him. Nikki informs him that Victor and Helen are friends with surprising benefits. Jack says he can’t trust her judgment and loyalty. Helen is shocked, then kisses Victor on the forehead and leaves.

Jack Shocked at Open Marriage

Jack says Victor is really classy bringing his “friend” into their home. Nikki tells Jack not to worry as they have an open marriage. She says they are partners and whatever Jack thinks of their arrangement is irrelevant. Jack reveals he was there for a cup of sugar and to get Victor’s undying thanks while he was there.

Nick and Sharon share a drink, as he says he owes her his life. He says maybe Phyllis is right that maybe it is enough that JT is far away from his sister and can’t come after his dad. Sharon says that kind of betrayal is heartbreaking. Nick is frustrated that JT just left his dad there and how he had them all fooled for so long.

Cane And Lily Talk About JT

Cane and Lily continue to talk about JT. They can’t quite fathom him being so violent. Lily wonders what JT meant when he said “You can choose to believe what you heard later!” Was he admitting to what he did to Victor or saying he really didn’t do it? Cane says JT was sadder than angry when he saw him. Lily admits that the Newmans can be twisted and JT was always such a great guy. Cane can’t understand if JT is innocent, why did he leave town and does he plan on coming back.

Kyle comes in while Abby and Ashley are starting the fire. He says a fire is kind of nice, even though it is a warm Spring night. Abby and Ashley escort him out of the living room to get Mrs. Martinez’ crème Brule. They hope the memory card will burn while they are out of the room.

Jack Confronts Victor About Kyle

Victor doesn’t know why Jack would want gratitude. Jack tells him about the night he was at the bottom of the stairs and how he ended up in jail. He reveals that he found a hard drive filled with communication between Victor and Kyle. Jack demands answers, wondering if Victor went after his son, Kyle because Jack was with his wife, Nikki?

Sharon and Nick end up digging into some ice cream and watching an old movie together. While Jack insists he is right that Victor’s latest vendetta is because Jack has the audacity to spend time with Nikki. Jack informs Nikki that Kyle’s plan was to make Jabot public. Jack warns Victor that he will fight him if he comes after his company. He will destroy him if he comes after his son. Kyle is and always will be an Abbott. He shouts in Victor’s face be fore wishing Nikki a good night and storms out the door.

Kyle quietly comes down the Abbott stairs and goes to the fireplace, where he pokes around the ashes finding the memory card, almost perfectly intact. That’s the end of the Friday, April 20 Young and the Restless recap! Did you see yesterday’s Y&R recap for Thursday, April 19? Read it here if you missed it!

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