‘Young And The Restless’ 4/19/2018 Recap – Day Ahead ‘Y&R’ Spoilers – Nick Vows To Protect Victoria

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Kyle’s Not Stopping His Scheming

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) greets his father, Jack (Peter Bergman) as he walks off the Jabot elevator. Jack reminds him his triumphant return was yesterday when he stopped him from taking Jabot public – today is business as usual! Jack walks into his office and slams the door in Kyle’s face.

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) is in the elevator going to the office, all she can think about is the events leading up to JT Hellstrom’s (Thad Luckinbill) death and secret burial. She also walks off the elevator, but clearly isn’t in the right mindset to be there.

Lily Ashby (Christel Khalil) is at HWG packing up Hilary Curtis’ (Mishael Morgan) desk, when Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) comes in, reminding her that Hilary leaving the office might not be a done deal since she might be pregnant. Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) walks in, hearing them, and says he won’t change his mind and will not be discussing it.

Neil reviewed the reports Devon gave him, saying he is proud of Devon and admires his efforts but says too much has changed since he has been gone and not for the better and things are changing – starting right now.

Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) are shocked to find Victoria at the office, saying they are concerned for her – but Victoria says she has a lot on her plate but she is completely devoted to taking care of the company in her father, Victor Newman’s (Eric Braeden) absence.

Nick Worries About His Sister

Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) runs into Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) at Crimson Lights, revealing Victor is getting stronger every day but Nick can’t understand how JT turned out like this. Billy said he voiced his concerns but Victoria brushed them off so he took her at her word and backed off. Nick wonders why Victoria backed away from JT and wants to know the whole story.

Jack is busy doing damage control calling Gloria Bardwell (Judith Chapman) and informing her he is back in the office and needs a “trusted co-pilot” as soon as she gets back. Kyle waltzes into his office and begs Jack to give him a chance and Jack says he can squeeze him in to hear his side.

Abby begs Victoria to take time to process everything that has happened without all the pressure of work. But Vickie doesn’t want to hear it. Ashley says if she is determined to stay, it is not as CEO, as per the memo Victor drafted. Victoria reminds her it was never sent to HR, therefore it is not valid. Victoria says until Victor makes it explicitly clear, she will remain behind his desk.

Ashley says the solution is they can go see Victor, but Victoria says they won’t do that while he is recovering. Nikki comes in the room, demanding Abby leaves as she has business to discuss with Ashley and Victoria. She has an announcement regarding the future of Newman Enterprises.

Lily’s scouting trip to NYC was a huge success. Neil is happy about the new division and is very proud of Lily. Hilary walks in and interrupts their meeting, rubbing her belly saying if she is carrying a baby she is going to damn well be looking out for the baby’s best interests, meaning she is staying! Devon puts his head in his hands and just shakes his head.

Hilary says she is part of the company, her input is just as important as everyone else there. Neil informs her whether she has a child or not, she has no say in how the company is run. Hilary suggests if Neil would put his bias aside about her, they could run a successful company. Neil tells her they don’t need her input and she needs to go back to GC Buzz.

When Hilary takes her time leaving, Neil tells her to hurry up and not be late. Lily waves bye and is thrilled how Neil deals with Hilary. He orders all of them to leave their personal feelings on the other side of the door. Devon is not down with Neil’s vision and feels he is treating him like a subordinate and even though he is his son he can’t tell him how to run his life and business.

Kyle Insults His Father

Kyle feels he and Jack need to clear the air. Jack wants to know what or who changed his mentality after he left for NYC, because when he moved to New York they were in a good place.

Nick asks Billy if Phyllis said anything about the girls night, other than drinking and talking all night. Nick says Mariah is the only one who passed out. Billy feels it was a good thing because Victoria needs friends right now, but Nick feels everyone needs closure and no one is going to get that with JT still missing.

Nikki informs Victoria and Ashley that Victor gave her explicit instructions on how he wants the company to run for the foreseeable future. Ashley and Victoria begin to bicker when Nikki cuts them off, demanding they let her finish. Neither one of them will be taking over; in fact, Nikki is the new CEO.

Nick says Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) and the GCPD haven’t found anything on JT, nor his location. Billy is certain they will get justice for the Newman family, Nick wishes he had Billy’s confidence.

The silence in Victor’s office is staggering. Ashley says Nikki hasn’t been involved in the day-to-day operations in a very long time but Nikki is confident she can do this as she is up to date on what is important. She won’t merely be a figurehead, she will be steering the ship and is more than qualified to do it.

She tells Ashley if she can’t have her complete support… then she points to the door. Ashley agrees to stay and Nikki asks her to comply a list of the most pressing matters. Now that Nikki and Victoria are alone, Victoria tells her mother she is not okay with this decision.

Nikki Takes Over NE as CEO

Neil and Devon have a heart to heart about the business. Neil loves Devon’s ambition but he is concerned that Devon didn’t see the bigger picture because he was split between running the company and having a baby with Hilary.

Neil can’t understand how Devon could even consider that since Hilary is a lady who went to great lengths to destroy their family and now he wants to tie himself to her for the rest of his life. Devon says he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her, he just wants to be a father. Devon gets defensive and says he doesn’t need to be lectured by a man who has his fair share of mistakes in life. Devon storms out of the office.

Kyle tells Jack the truth is going to hurt and says Jack is not the enemy but he isn’t the man he thought he was either. Kyle asks Jack why he never reached out to him other than when it was for his convenience, like when he needed his vote as a board member. He throws in his face that Jack is more like Dina that he’d like to believe.

Jack thought Kyle was happy living in New York but Kyle felt he was being kept away from the home base. Kyle said being away from the action gave him the clarity that he had to fight for what he believed in, even if it meant fighting with Jack.

Lily is with Charlie (Noah Alexander Gerry) and Mattie (Lexie Stevenson) at Crimson Lights where they are pleasantly surprised their grandfather Neil is back. They head off to school after Neil tells them how proud he is of them. Neil and Lily get some alone time to talk about Devon; she assures him that Devon will come around, but she tries to keep the peace when it comes to Hilary. Neil tells her to step back and focus on her goals and let him handle Hilary.

Devon is at the GCAC where Hilary finds him sitting at a table. He wants to know if she is ever going to stop screwing things up for him. She says she isn’t trying to cause trouble for him, she just wants to be part of this company. He is furious that it’s about something she wants again and walks away.

Jack Remains Suspicious

Victoria tells Nikki she wanted to be in charge because she loves this company and wanted to prove to Victor that he can trust her. Nikki reminds her that her father will forgive her and right now Nikki needs to run the company in order to keep the business in the family and quite frankly, Victoria isn’t in the right frame of mind to run the company. Victoria says Ashley is like a dog with a bone, but Nikki knows it is so much more than that – she reassures Victoria she will be strong for both of them.

Jack wonders why Kyle turned to Victor as an ally, questioning if his intentions were to get rid of Jack from Jabot. Jack reminds him that he made this mistake before. He says if they go public, they could be vulnerable to a hostile takeover. Kyle tells Jack that the way he is running things, this doesn’t feel like a family company and hopes Jack is truly going to remedy that. After Jack leaves for a meeting, Kyle smirks and makes a call, telling someone to come to Jabot right away.

Billy kisses Ashley calling her his “favorite Abbott sibling” then kisses Abby calling her his “favorite Abbott Newman hybrid”. Kyle opens the door, saying he is glad they are all there and just in time. They are not sure what they are doing there.

Nick arrives at Newman Enterprises where he meets Victoria. He has questions for Victoria about JT and what went down in hopes that he can figure out where he is.

Hilary spots Neil heading upstairs at the GCAC. Neil says he is not dealing with her but she pleads for a moment and he demands to know what she wants. She says her hormones are all over the place, saying whether she is pregnant or not, they will still be working together and asks if they can start over again. Neil smiles at her telling her she is very, very good, but this act isn’t going to work with him. He warns now that he is back, he will be watching her every move and if she steps out of line or hurts anyone he loves, she can kiss her job goodbye.

Jack returns to his office, where Kyle has a get-together in his honor. Kyle toasts him, saying he wants to build the company side-by-side with Jack, and build upon the legacy his grandfather, the great John Abbott founded. He toasts to the future as Ashley and Abby glance at each other.

Billy Back At Jabot

Jack tells Kyle those were nice words. Kyle says he wants to start over and is moving back to Genoa City. He tells Jack about the compass Grandpa John gave him and feels that Genoa City is his True North, and with Jack’s approval, he would like to stay there. Jack agrees.

Ashley and Abby worry about Kyle staying but Ashley is confident Jack can keep him under control. Ashley and Abby vow that they have to keep the paternity a secret. Billy walks over to Jack who says he doesn’t believe a word of Kyle’s speech and it kills him to think that Victor turned his own son against him. Jack shocks Billy by saying he needs some help keeping an eye on Kyle. Jack decides its time to family back into the family company. Billy agrees to return to Jabot.

Victoria is flustered as Nick continues to hammer her with questions about her relationship with JT. Nick asks about the kids, even asking about Reed. She reveals that Nikki told Reed about what transpired between JT and Victor. Victoria pleads with Nick to leave this to the police and Paul. But Nick questions if Paul will really search for his “friend” JT. Victoria tells Nick he is sounding like their dad. Nick says if the police can’t do their job, he will find JT himself!

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