WWE Star Alexa Bliss Speechless From Health Crisis – Will She Bounce Back?

WWE star Alexa Bliss revealed in her Instagram post that she is suffering from an illness. In her teens, Alexa overcame a life-threatening eating disorder known as Bulimia. Her stint with wrestling helped her recovery from the disease. Reportedly, it also helped her cope with the illness. The franchise also takes care of its stars in the best possible way, even when they occasionally get sick.

WWE Superstars lead a hectic life, and their personal affairs are always the focus of intense media speculation. Health problems are a nagging issue which can throw a wrench into any star’s schedule.

Alexa Bliss Down With Cold

As per an account in the latest issue of “The Wrestling Observer Newsletter” Dave Meltzer said Alexa revealed on Instagram that she is suffering from a severe cold affliction. Reportedly she could not talk because of the throat infection.

Earlier, the WWE announced a press interaction for Alexa Bliss. She was scheduled to take up fan questions on the Ronda Rousey vs. Nia Jax match at TLC.

Alexa Bliss was also dealing with a concussion injury which she sustained in her wrestling bouts, but this time she has been incapacitated due to a severe throat infection.

Alexa Cannot Speak Due To Infection

Meltzer revealed that Alexa was to help with an extended promotion of the event but could not because of her throat infection. Alexa soon left the event, and Nia Jax carried on the promotion after Alexa’s departure. Bobby Roode was ill as well and he also spoke with difficulty during the promo.

The report also revealed that many WWE wrestlers are facing the same problem and the source of infection could be the locker room. Earlier another WWE star, Mandy Rose announced on social media that she is ill though she did not elaborate about her ailment.

WWE Star Finn Balor Also Suffering From Illness

This also answers the question as to why her fight with Naomi did not happen on SmackDown live on Tuesday.

Another report revealed that Irish star Finn Balor is also suffering from illness and returned home in the middle of the WWE’s Latin American tour. Earlier reports surfaced about Balor’s injury, but now it is known that he is suffering from an illness.

Alexa Bliss has appeared in three WWE video games, WWE 2K17, WWE 2K18, and in the recently released WWE 2K19.

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