WWE News: Vince McMahon is Coming to RAW, But Why?

WWE had announced some time back that Vince McMahon will appear on RAW after his stint with TLC. WWE did not give any reason for the new development. Many theories were flying about the sudden return of McMohan to the red brand.

Vince McMahon appears on RAW after TLC, this Monday

Vince’s appointment is a result of the dangerous fall in popularity of the WWE. It will need a superhuman effort from Vince to shore up WWE’s image. As for now, all attention will be on TLC and how the grand event unfolds. The setting for RAW will also depend largely on the outcome of the TLC event.

Vince McMahon roped in to end Corbin’s WWE reign?

You must be aware that Kurt Angle was brought in as the General Manager of RAW immediately after he returned to RAW. Later Stephanie McMahon brought in Baron Corbin.

Corbin had a free run, and Stephanie gave a break to Angle. He appointed Alexa Bliss to take care of the Women’s division. Corbin in the helm led to abysmally low ratings on the red brand. It seems that Vince McMahon has been brought in to end Corbin’s reign.

Could McMahon’s return signal a change at the top in RAW?

TLC has become the point of focus, and the picture will be clear only after the conclusion of this event. Are we going to see the end of Corbin after the TLC? Will the chair of General Manager filled by someone new? These are questions which need answers.

Notwithstanding the fact that SmackDown is roping big names like Samoa Joe and Asuka, RAW after facing a series of disaster went for nominal draft in April.

The Red was content with lightweights like Jinder Mahal and Bobby Roode.

To add to the confusion, they have Baron Corbin indicted for all the woes faced by RAW. Baron’s efforts to be omnipresent are partly to blame for his predicament. It is natural for the organization to bring in the McMahons and the process has already begun with Vince initiating the shakeup.

Vince McMahon will be back on WWE RAW tonight and he will make a big announcement, a “ShakeUp” which will help to shore up the image of WWE.

At the same time a small minority feels that Vince McMahon may retire from WWE and concentrate his energies on the XFL which is once again going to start in 2020. However, this is unlikely and even if it’s in the plan, it will be enforced very slowly and not announced on live TV. On the contrary, WWE will never want Vince to go when events like Royal Rumble and the WrestleMania season is just round the corner

WWE will also not want him to go especially when it is so close to Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season.

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