Wife Swap Spoilers: New Season April 4

Wife Swap spoilers promises a new season premieres Thursday, April 4 at 9 PM on Paramount Network. The season has 10 episodes. The original Wife Swap aired on ABC for nine seasons starting in 2004.

Then a celebrity edition followed. Among the celebs who traded spouses were George Hamilton, Alana Stewart and Corey Feldman. Certainly the new Wife Swap manages to show these modern times. Participants include a stay-at-home dad, same-sex couples and a family with no WiFi.

Wife Swap Spoilers:  Couples Face Modern Challenges – Gender Roles and Internet Access

Wife Swap spoilers show a couple who claim to “live online”. They boast to always have a camera ready to shoot, post and blog. The family they swap with lives totally unplugged with no WiFi. The wife and children struggle to live without internet access. Of course, the family faced many obstacles on the revamped series.

On Wife Swap, participants battle with social norms and cultural differences. So, a woman who admits her husband “is the boss of their home” gets replaced by a strong non-traditional woman. While the husband clings to outdated traditional gender roles. He tells the new wife that some women need makeup. But later she turns the tables and tells him he will be cooking dinner wearing a full helping of cosmetics.

Wife Swap spoilers also show a man proud to be a stay at home dad. He loves chaos. When one of the children arrive to swap families, he remarks “you’re not a mom”. One member of a same-sex couple explains to her swap family that she has a wife named Sherry. This prompts the young daughter to ask “you married a girl?”. Certainly there will be some interesting challenges as the families adjust.

Wife Swap Culture Shock

Other Wife Swap spoilers show a family who lives permanently in a bus. They are heard telling the new wife “careful, you’re driving our house”. Later, she tells them they are a bunch of hippies. Another scenario involves roosters on a farm. And people’s views and cultural acceptance of living with animals.

Typically on Wife Swap, the couples exchange places for two weeks. Families are matched seemingly on differences. Particularly in the ways of traditional spousal roles. Other factors include economic and cultural differences. Or just the simple lifestyle differences that families have. Nevertheless this new season of Wife Swap seems to tap into modern issues faced by families of all types. Be sure to tune in Thursday night at 9 on Paramount TV for the new season.

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