‘Wife Swap’ Recap: Off The Grid Mom Pulls The Plug on YouTube Vlogger Family

This Wife Swap recap of season 1 episode 3 “DeGarmo vs. Mosby” finds two families at odds over the internet. Wife Swap is back on the Paramount network and better than ever. This week, China Mosby is a beauty vlogger and YouTube star. Kelly DeGarmo is a down to earth foster mom who doesn’t even have a working TV much less wi-fi. Of course when these two swap lives things certainly get interesting. Kelly literally pulls the plug on the Mosby family. And China plays in the mud during a game called “olden days”. Let’s break down the clash of these two families.

Wife Swap Recap: YouTube Star China Mosby Goes Off Grid on Wife Swap

On Wife Swap beauty vlogger China Mosby spends every second online. Husband Khris is also a vlogger. And adorable 7 yr  old daughter Kandle (KJ) even has a YouTube channel. KJ boasts an impressive 40,000 followers. This family lives life online. China also sells things via her vlog. So there is a payoff to their online obsession. Seems like nothing is sacred. Mom China even vlogged KJ’s stomach flu.

Kelly DeGarmo is a massage therapist. Her husband John DeGarmo works in Child Welfare. The DeGarmo’s have 3 college age kids and 3 foster kids. All in all they’ve fostered over 50 kids over the years. The humble DeGarmo home is filled with books. But no television. There once was a TV. But when it broke the kids started playing without it. So they just continued without one for 7 years. Dad John rings a cow bell to call the brood in for dinner.

On Wife Swap Kelly DeGarmo heads into the city for the wife swap. She fears that China Mosby will be weary of her rural home. And admits it’s on a dirt road where it looks like you could find a dead body. China has a little less dramatic take on the home. She claims it’s very “Little House on the Prairie”. Kelly arrives at the modern Mosby duplex. She meets the famous KJ and adorable toddler brother.

Kelly DeGarmo Gets Her Butt Lifted – China Mosby Goes Back to Olden Days

Wife Swap starts with the moms following “old rules”. This means China must unplug. Likewise, Kelly DeGarmo will be starring in her own version of “Candid Camera”. The young DeGarmo kids take China outside in the rain to play a game called “olden days”. They don bonnets and pretend to churn butter. And present her with a mud cake. Finally, China Mosby admits olden days would be amazing on the vlog. Kelly is brushing her teeth in the bathroom while Khris bursts in with a camera. So she tells him she feels violated.

Next up in this Wife Swap recap, Kelly DeGarmo makes a fitness video. Furthermore, Khris tells her she will wear a “butt lifter” garment. Kelly explains that she is soft, white and boring. And certainly no one would be interested in seeing it. However she is a good sport. Kelly jumps in the butt lifter while Khris films. Khris explains that China is a “booty guru”.

Meanwhile at the DeGarmo residence, China Mosby is internet detoxing hard. So much that John and the kids take her on a walk. He tells China that families have lost the magic of dinnertime. China Mosby learns that the older kids are connected to the internet at college. But when they are home old rules apply. Of course the older DeGarmo kids love using the internet. And felt they missed out in high school. It was hard to relate to their wired peers.

Wife Swap – The Moms Set New Rules

On Wife Swap it’s time to turn the tables. The visiting mom will apply new rules. Of course, Kelly’s first order is to unplug the Mosbys. Khris freaks out. China Mosby records videos of the DeGarmo kids. Each one gets a YouTube channel. Dad John is afraid for his kids to have an online presence. Kelly DeGarmo takes Khris and the kids to a park. They lay in the grass and look at clouds. Seems like KJ is loving being unplugged.

China gets John to engage in a game called eat it or wear it. John eats strawberry jam and she shares it on YouTube. She combs the girl’s hair and teaches them how to style it. And explains to John how YouTube could help them with learning to style different hair types. Finally, the girls love their new looks. John and Kelly DeGarmo both show they fear online predators. Khris and China defend their choice. They will take risks to enjoy the benefits they receive from vlogging.

This Wife Swap recap finds Kelly DeGarmo forcing the Mosby’s to enjoy just being together. She buys a tent and they set up camp in the living room. KJ also enjoys painting on canvas and not the computer. Khris admits that a story telling game is fun. And also that he sees KJ’s eyes light up during the game.

Wife Swap Recap – The Roundtable

On Wife Swap it’s time to go home. Kelly and KJ say goodbye. KJ is sad to see Kelly go. She reveals she likes not being on camera. And that she didn’t miss her mom. Kelly advises that KJ be honest with her mom. Because she needs to let her know that she’d like time unplugged. However Kelly DeGarmo admits she will be plugging in. So that she can see KJ on YouTube.

The couples reunite and it’s time for the roundtable. China Mosby explains how she struggled in the old-fashioned DeGarmo household. Kelly fears China and Khris are exposing their kids to predators online. Also, their background in foster care has made them over protective. Actually the roundtable ends happily. Seems like each family admits they learned helpful things from the other. Tune in to the all new Wife Swap Thursdays on the Paramount network.

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