‘Wife Swap’ Recap: Gay Millenial Dad Meets Bible Thumping Mom – Goss vs. Joseph

Wife Swap is at it’s best when the swap is extreme. This Wife Swap recap looks at probably the most extreme episode of the season so far.

Self described modern millennials Terrell and Jarius Joseph are two dads to twins Aria and Ashton. Their home is stylish and impeccable. And Jarius cops to being a germaphobe. He won’t allow the babies to be touched.

The other Wife Swap family, Matt and Nina Goss, have a brood of 8 unruly kids whose ages range from 11 months to 18. The house is anything but neat. The bible is quoted often. And marital commandments hang on the wall. With number 1 one being Matt is in charge. Let’s dive into the chaos.

Wife Swap Recap – Terrell Joseph is Laughing to Keep From Crying

On Wife Swap Terrell Joseph and Nina Goss prepare to leave their homes. Certainly, Terrell is shocked when he arrives at the Goss home. A heap of dirty dishes sits in the sink. Dogs lounge on the couch. One little dog jumps down and has a rather loud and smelly accident right on the floor. Terrell says he’s laughing to keep from crying. A strange mold grows in the dishwasher. Likewise he notices a bad smell.

Nina checks out the spotless Joseph home on Wife Swap. The house seems untouched. Also, she is shook that the two dads eat dinner after the kids have gone to bed. Of course she is surprised they have a nanny. Since she has 8 kids and a job and no nanny. Nina and Matt consider themselves very traditional Christians. Likewise, the Joseph’s are Baptist. Certainly, this surprises Nina. She quotes the bible about homosexuality being a sin.

Nina Goss  Put On Poop Scoop Duty

On Wife Swap these two families are already struggling. There’s no shortage of cringe on either side. Jarius, who is a bit defensive won’t let Nina anywhere near the kids. Probably, the bible quoting mom is nervous and it shows. Jarius interprets her attitude as judgmental. Nina makes an uncomfortable analogy about a child eating dog food and being gay. Certainly it came out very offensive. Nina tries to back track but it’s too late. Jarius is angry at what she said.

Back at the house he tells an embarrassed Nina that she has to poop scoop the yard. Jarius was being kind of sh*tty (pun intended). Nina appears to have been raised with a touch of homophobia. She doesn’t want to continue that pattern. However, her interpretation of the bible leads her to say being gay is sinful. To make matters worse Jarius and the nanny openly laugh and mock her during the poop scoop. So due to this, Nina’s spirit is broken on Wife Swap.

On this Wife Swap recap, seems like Dad Matt Goss rules the roost. Of course the kids kind of walk on eggshells around him. He’s quick to throw out bible quotes also. In a very strange moment he spanks one of the younger kids then scoops him close for a prayer and hug. While the other small kids repeat the misdeed. They too seem to want the spank and prayer combo. Terrell suggests time outs instead. Matt throws out the old “spare the rod spoil the child” line. Even the dogs roll their eyes.

Terrell and Nina Make New Rules – Wife Swap Recap

On Wife Swap Matt and Nina are hard-core old school. It’s daughter D’Nae’s 16th birthday. She’d like to go on a date with her boyfriend. Matt makes Terrell go along as chaperone. Terrell’s new rules state D’Nae can date alone. This makes her very happy. Terrell makes Matt prepare a meal and help with cleaning. Even more he makes him try a timeout with one of the kids. Matt calls this cupcake stuff.

Nina comes out swinging with her rules. First up, the Nanny must go. She wants them to say a prayer before dinner. And wants them to eat dinner with the kids. Jarius finds this impossible as he doesn’t eat baby food. Jarius gets bothered when Nina wants to do a devotional. He explains that the bible is already in their house and that they do pray. Nina thinks he’s only going through the motions. Jarius feels insulted once again.

Wife Swap Recap: Matt Storms off The Roundtable

The Wife Swap is over. The couples meet and reunite for the roundtable. Terrell wastes no time bringing up the messy house. And the dog who had diarrhea. He says he was uncomfortable. Likewise, Nina claps back that she was just as uncomfortable with the “staged” home. She brings up not being able to touch the babies. Finally, Terrell feels that the bright personalities of the kids are dimmed by their overbearing dad.

Next, Nina tells of the poop scoop humiliation. Matt is angry. He storms off saying “nobody mocks my wife”. In the next room he asks God to give him the strength not to reach over and smack Jarius. Then, Jarius apologizes to Nina and she accepts. Matt returns. He says he will help more with chores. Furthermore, Matt also reveals that as long as they love each other it’s between them and God. It was certainly a tough swap, but it all ended up okay in the end.

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