‘Wife Swap’ Recap: Fun Stay at Home Dad Swaps With Control Freak Mom – Episode 1 Benner vs. McMichael

Wife Swap is back. The revamped reality classic premiered an all new season on the Paramount network Thursday night. Certainly the reboot of the popular series stays true to form.

Our Wife Swap recap shows a fun-loving stay at home (Bo McMichael) dad swaps lives with an uptight perfectionist mom (Virginia Benner) in episode 1 “Benner vs. McMichael”. It was certainly a case of chaos versus control freak. Let’s see how it all went down.

Wife Swap Recap: Chaotic Bo McMichael Swaps With Perfectionist Virginia Benner

The all new Wife Swap featured two families trading spouses for a week. Of course, the families couldn’t be more opposite. This was certainly the case in this episode. Virginia and Dwight Benner have three kids, with 12 and 10-year-old sons and a seven-year-old daughter. They have an impeccable home with a pool.

Virginia Benner admits she “propels to perfection”. This includes home-schooling the kids and a strict health food diet for the fam. Meanwhile, Bo McMichael is a fun-loving stay at home dad. His wife Christie is a teacher. Bo McMichael stays home with their two sons who are six and four. They enjoy video games, junk food and most of all fun. Bo admits he “loves chaos”. The kids are active and loud and can’t sit still. Christie and Bo McMichael admit that the boys are a handful. But everyone is happy.

Virginia Benner controls almost every aspect of her family’s life. She admits her friends tell her that her kids act like 40 year olds. Of course she takes this as a compliment. Husband Dwight is a patent attorney. Also, his work takes him away often. Virginia likes this as she says she doesn’t let anyone else create her happiness. Seems like she should. Because she seems flat-out miserable.

Virginia Mommy Shames Christie on Wife Swap

On Wife Swap, Virginia Benner finally arrives to the McMichael home. She politely refers to the decor as “different tastes”. She recoils when she opens the cabinets and sees vegetable oil. (Oh the horror). Likewise she calls it the most devastating thing in the western diet. Christie arrives with the kids. Virginia is quick to point out all the things she feels Christie is falling short on in the parenting department. Including “poisoning” her kids with the likes of Mrs Butterworth syrup. Christie feels career-mommy-shamed.

Later on Wife Swap, Christie and the kids play video games. Virginia Benner looks like she is about to implode while the two brothers playfully trash talk each other. As a result, Virginia thinks this can lead to low self-esteem. Next, Christie serves the kids chicken nuggets for dinner. This prompts Virginia to make a smoothie out of Goji berries (whatever that is). Of course, no one wants Goji goo for dinner. Plus, Christie points out that for the cost of the smoothie ingredients she could buy three meals.

Virginia Benner tries to teach some sort of frog yoga to Christie and her children. The four-year-old promptly rips one in the middle of the yoga sesh. She then takes them out in the woods for “forest bathing”. And says things like “teachable moments”. The kids do seem to enjoy being in the woods. But Christie has had enough of her self-righteous babble. Finally, Virginia declares no more digital gaming. Of course this went over about as well as a fart in a yoga class.

Bo Gets The Benners to Let Loose on Wife Swap

On Wife Swap, Mr Mom Bo McMichael finds himself in the pristine home of Dwight and Virginia Benner. Seems like he is afraid to touch anything. He finally meets beaten down husband Dwight. The poor guy is regarded much like a piece of furniture by Virginia and the kids. After a depressing conversation with the three kids, they all suit up for their daily four mile jog. Yes. These kids run four freaking miles a day. After consuming flax-seed and probiotics. Maybe not since “The Bubble Boy” has anyone been this sheltered.

Bo McMichael goes along on the jog. Likewise, he tells the kids it’s okay to have fun. They look at him much like he looked at what they called “the alien” in their Kombucha tea. Bo decides to introduce a little gaming action to the kids and puts out bowls of Cheetos and chips. Even hubby Dwight joins in and everyone is loving it. They even play a game of dodgeball in the house. Dwight and the kids untuck their shirts and not since Mrs Doubtfire” have we seen a family so transformed.

On the new Wife Swap, the kids help Bo McMichael wash the family’s ten puppies and trim hedges. The middle son admits to having fun but wonders aloud “what they’ve accomplished”. The oldest son tells Bo he had so much fun with him and would like to be more like him. Dwight and Bo play pool. Bo McMichael tells him he’s got to spend more time with the family. He gets emotional and admits that he would like things to get better. Bo fears that their marriage is in trouble.

Wife Swap Recap: Bo Calls Out Virginia

Finally on Wife Swap, it’s time for Bo and Virginia to head back to their families. Now the two couples will sit down to discuss the experience. Virginia Benner admits she was appalled by the processed foods that Christie serves. Bo claps back that her kids were unhappy. He also reveals he introduced them to video games. Virginia is not happy with this news. Christie reveals she feel Virginia shamed her. Bo says Virginia must be hard to live with. She says she doesn’t care.

Virginia Benner reveals that her youngest son was once in kidney failure. She is committed to health because of that scare. And thankful she was healthy enough to donate one of her kidneys. This makes Bo and Christie understand her a bit better. Virginia admits she doesn’t like to laugh. Bo McMichael encourages her to try to enjoy life with the kids and Dwight. Both couples say they will try to improve. Be sure to tune into the next episode Thursday nights on the Paramount network.

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