‘Wife Swap’: Fire Chief Mom vs Neanderthal Husband [Recap]

Wife Swap is back and keeps getting better. In this recap of season 1 episode 2 “Lobdell vs. Moon” we see personalities clash. Halani Lobdell is a fierce female firefighter and youngest chief of one of Atlanta’s biggest battalions. She swaps places with the aptly named Misty Moon. Misty is a stay at home mom who caters to husband Jack’s every whim. Let’s see how Jack’s Neanderthal behavior fanned chief Halani’s flames on the Paramount show.

Fierce Fire Chief Halani Lobdell Too Much For Misty Moon’s Man on Wife Swap

Halani Lobdell is one tough lady. She runs her home much like she runs her fire battalion. She is also a mom of two kids – 12 and 9. Husband Jason owns a gym. She refers to him as her “third child”. Of course, Jason enjoys being on his phone and doesn’t help much with cooking or chores. Halani and Jason live in a spacious suburban home. Their son and daughter both play sports.

Misty Moon is a stay at home mom of two daughters – 13 and 8. Likewise, she home schools her daughters. Misty is conservative – and believes the husband is the head of the household. Husband Jack admits he is the boss. Certainly he expects Misty to cater to his every whim. Jack thinks Misty should always look good. So, he wants her in makeup. He says even an old barn looks good with a coat of paint.

This Wife Swap recap finds Halani and Misty trading places for a week. Seems like Misty is wide-eyed to see Halani’s big home. However, Halani refers to the rural area of the Moon’s modest house as like The Blair Witch Project. Misty is dismayed by the lovely but dust-covered dining room table. Certainly it means that the Lobdells don’t sit together and eat. Misty believes in family meals. Halani is taken aback by how small the Moon house is.

Neanderthal Husband Jack Moon Makes Chief Halani See Red

On Wife Swap, Jack Moon shows his true colors as a sexist jack-hole. He claims because he works to put underwear on Misty’s behind, she has to mind his rules. Despite his paunchy frame, he fancies himself a “bodybuilder”. Even more, this requires him to spend four hours a day in the gym. And of course eat six meals a day. Meals that Misty must prepare. The food prep takes her 5-6 hours. While Misty slaves over the food prep, he bounces around and slaps her butt.

The moms settle into the new homes. Halani is appalled by Jack’s behavior. Also, he mocks her job as a fire chief. And of course demands she wear make up. This certainly makes the natural beauty see red. She tells producers he is a caveman. He explains that his needs come first. Then he says that in the evenings, the kids must knock to come out of their rooms. This horrifies Halani.

Halani tells Jack she’s in charge now. And that he will be cooking for everyone in a full face of make up. Of course this does not go over well. She also makes him stay in his room at night so she and the girls can have an ice cream party. He must knock to come out. Later, Jack blows up when Halani comes in the kitchen to check on him doing the dishes. He rips his mic off and rages. Then, Halani has had enough. She leaves and checks into a hotel. In her words “she wants to punch him”.

Misty Moon Bonds With Lobdells Using Cake

This Wife Swap recap sees stay at home mom Misty bonding with the Lobdell family. She starts by taking their phones. This forces Dad Jason to interact with the kids. Although at one point, Jason sneaks his phone back. Misty promptly snatches it away again. Meanwhile, the kids confide to Misty they’d like more down time. Misty is appalled that everyone microwaves a meal and eats standing up. She wants them to eat better and cook.

So, Misty spends a day in Halani’s firefighter shoes. Then, she realizes how tough and physical the job is. Certainly this makes her tell Jason he’s got to help more at home with cooking and cleaning. She designates chore buckets. The kids actually seem to enjoy cleaning up. Jason not so much. But he admits that he and Misty get along fine and are playful during the Wife Swap.

Misty engages the kids in baking a cake. The kids love baking the cake and find it satisfying. Even Jason joins in. Next, Misty gathers all of them in preparing a taco dinner. She even invites Jason and Halani’s moms to join them. Everyone eats at the table together. This makes Misty happy and the Lobdell family certainly enjoys it too.

For the record, Halani gives talks about how to make marriage work…

Wife Swap Wrap Up Lobdell vs. Moon

With the swap over, it’s time for the round table wrap up. Misty and Jason cheerily fist pump in the car ride. Halani and Jack ride in silence. Misty goes first at the roundtable. She compliments Halani on her lovely home. Halani not so graciously says she was shocked at how small the Moon home was.

Of course, Halani doesn’t hold back in her criticism of Jack’s primitive ways during the Wife Swap. Jack jumps in to defend himself. He says he will give Misty time for herself. Halani suggests date nights for the pair so the kids don’t have to be locked in their rooms. Jack agrees. Finally, Jason admits he will help more around the house. Also, that he enjoyed talking with the kids instead of constantly on the phone. Be sure to tune in to the new season every Thursday on the Paramount Network.

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