Why Did Kelly Thiebaud Leave ‘Days of our Lives’ – Will New Zoey Stay?

Days of our Lives spoilers remind that Kelly Thiebaud just left the role of Zoey Burge. Now, Alyshia Ochse is in her place. But, fans are asking why the actress swap just when the role was coming into the center stage. Here’s the info on why Kelly left DOOL and whether she’ll be back.

Why Did Kelly Thiebaud Leave From Days of our Lives?

If you’re not familiar with Kelly Thiebaud’s work, you should know that most soap fans know her from General Hospital. On the ABC soap, she played Dr. Britt Westbourne on and off for eight years. Her character, known as “The Britch,” was a low-down dirty schemer and a ton of fun.

Meanwhile, Kelly Thiebaud had overlap appearances and was on TV screens as both Dr. Britt and also lawyer Zoey Burge on Days of our Lives. So, did Kelly Thiebaud exit days for her chance to be back on General Hospital? Given the timing of both soap schedules, the answer is no. Here’s why.

GH tapes shows about 4-6 weeks ahead. Her arc on that ABC soap ran eight episodes, and her last appearance was on April 1. That means that she shot her scenes in February. Meanwhile, Days of our Lives tapes at least six months ahead. So, there was no DOOL vs. GH timing conflict.

Days of our Lives: Zoey Burge (Kelly Thiebaud) - Evan Frears (Brock Kelly)

Was Another Role the Reason DOOL Swapped Zoey Burge Actresses?

It seems far likelier that Days of our Lives had to hire a new Zoey Burge because of Station 19. On that ABC primetime drama, Kelly Thiebaud plays Eva Vasquez. The nighttime show is a spinoff of big hit Grey’s Anatomy and revolves around firefighters.

Kelly’s character, Eva, is married to one firefighter and fooling around with another. Then, her husband died, and she slipped into a depression. When the firehouse drama taped her most recent appearances, it was months ago. That was likely the Days of our Lives conflict in schedules.

As soap fans understand, recurring or day player roles on soaps don’t pay nearly what primetime roles do. So, it seems likely that the actress accepted the part of Zoey Burge, then got a more lucrative offer from ABC’s Station 19. And that’s why Kelly Thiebaud left Days of our Lives.

Is Zoey Also Leaving Days of our Lives?

So, another question is — will Zoey Burge stick around on DOOL, or is she leaving soon? Orpheus’s daughter shouldn’t be around too much longer. Her dad just tied her up so he could steal his grandson – and this puts Zoey closer to her final scenes.

Days of our Lives comings and goings confirm Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) also exits soon – and that marks the end of the baby David storyline. That also means Zoey Burge, and dad Orpheus should be out around the same time. As for her brother Even Frears (Brock Kelly), he’s gone now.

So, if you’re wondering why Kelly Thiebaud didn’t stay at Days of our Lives, now you know. If you want to see her again, you’ll have to wait until she’s back on GH or the fire department drama. For now, DOOL is the one soap with enough new episodes to keep viewers entertained.

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