Who Was Kiefer Bauer On ‘General Hospital’?

Some fans are asking who is Kiefer Bauer on General Hospital? Spoilers recall the character was played by Christian Alexander and he dated Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth). More than that – he abused and terrorized her when they dated as teens. Kiefer had a dangerous temper and a mean streak. Here’s why this character remains a hot topic on the ABC sudser even now.

General Hospital Spoilers: Kiefer Bauer And Kristina Corinthos Toxic Relationship

GH spoilers recall Kristina Corinthos and Kiefer Bauer’s relationship was volatile and scary. Of course, on the outside, he was the perfect guy. Because, he was handsome, smart, and charming. However, behind closed doors, he was jealous and hostile. Plus, he pressured her about sex. Additionally, he would constantly harass Kristina’s brother Michael Corinthos (then Drew Garrett) about his brain damage. Of course, she defended her brother.

Then, Kiefer took his anger out on her. So, she started crushing on Luke Spencer’s (Anthony Geary) son Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons). When she tried to end things with Kiefer, he attacked her in a violent rage knocking her unconscious. Despite the abuse, she still wanted to protect him from her father Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). So, she lied and said Ethan beat her up. But, it later came out that Kiefer Bauer was her abuser on General Hospital.

The Bauer Family On GH

General Hospital spoilers remind Kiefer Bauer’s family was rich and entitled. Also, they refused to believe he hit Kristina. Of course, they blamed her for everything when Kiefer died. On GH, Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was distraught when she was driving a beaten Kristina to the hospital. So, she didn’t notice Kiefer Bauer in the road.

Plus, she had flashbacks of the boy and was confused. Clearly, killing Kiefer was an honest accident. Of course, Alexis wanted him to pay for beating her daughter – but not like that. And, despite all he put her through, Krissy was devastated when he died. Certainly, she knew her mom didn’t intend to kill him. But, his family was certain she did. At first, she was so guilt-ridden she didn’t tell anyone but later came clean.

So, Alexis was charged with the hit-and-run accident. But, she was only given community service. Of course, that’s what sent Kiefer’s dad Warren Bauer (Bradley Cole) into a violent rage. That’s when things really exploded on General Hospital. But, it was explained differently in Kristina’s DOD thst pledge.

Alexis Davis Killed Kiefer Bauer On General Hospital

Back then, Kiefer’s father Warren Bauer lost it and started harassing Kristina and Alexis. Then, he went on a shooting rampage, wounding Ethan and Mac Scorpio (John J York). Plus, he tried to kill Kristina. Keifer and Kendra’s mother Melinda Bauer (Lisa Waltz) had a breakdown after cops gunned down her husband. So, that’s why Kendra was so angry. Because her family was torn apart. She lost her brother, father, and in a sense, her mother.

However, Alexis Davis is not to blame as they all thought, promise General Hospital spoilers. But Kendra believed her brother was innocent because she was away at college and witnessed none of this. Certainly, it was a tragedy. However, Kristina and Alexis didn’t deserve what the Bauers did to them. Stay tuned to ABC to see more of the awful Kiefer Bauer plot on GH.

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