Who Plays Willow on ‘General Hospital’?

General Hospital spoilers met Willow Tait last year with Katelyn MacMullen originating the role. Her part started out small but now she’s tied into several major storylines. So fans want to know who plays Willow and what the actress was doing before she came to GH. Here is the latest info so you can get to know the ABC soap’s new contract player.

General Hospital: Willow Tait Is Katelyn MacMullen’s First Major Role

She was born in California, but Katelyn MacMullen grew up in Reno Nevada. She’s 23 and has three brother plus lots of fur babies in the family. Before coming to GH, she didn’t have a ton of TV or movie experience but was no stranger to being in front of a camera. When they lived in California, she did some work for Disney.

Modeling gigs followed but then it wasn’t until she was in college that Katelyn MacMullen decided to pursue acting as a career. She was attending the University of Nevada when she decided to chase her dreams even that that meant dropping out. She said her parents were supportive but she didn’t instantly land her role on General Hospital.

Three Years From First Role to GH’s Willow

After cutie Katelyn left Nevada for LA, she enrolled in acting classes and got to work. Then, in 2015, she landed a one-episode role on Sin City Saints in 2015. After that, her IMDB went dry for a few years. Then in 2015, she landed short film Roofied and then feature film The Row. Then she got a call about an audition for General Hospital.

Although Katelyn wasn’t a soap watcher, her acting coach Holly Gagnier (Days of Our Lives, Ivy Jennings) knew the ropes. So, she prepared and then went in for a read with Chad Duell (AKA Michael Corinthos). At her second reading, she chemistry tested with Josh Swickard (AKA Harrison Chase). Then she got the news that she landed the GH schoolteacher role.

Willow Tait Faces Shiloh Situation Soon

When we first spotted Ms Tait the schoolmarm (as Finn likes to call her), it seemed like a bit part. But now it’s far more than that on General Hospital. Spoilers gradually unfolded showing her with a tie to the baby that Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) and Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) adopted. Plus, Shiloh Archer’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) obsession with her is evident.

This week, Nina Reeves (Michelle Stafford) throws nasty remarks at her at the GH Nurses Ball. That leaves Shiloh on the cusp of finding out that Willow had a baby. That puts him one step from figuring out it was his kid. Of course, Willow wrongly things Brad and Lucas have her tot. She has no idea that her baby died from SIDS. There’s more heartbreak ahead.

Plus, with Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) soon exposed as a fake, Willow might wind up in a love triangle with Michael and Chase. That would explain why showrunners had her do a chemistry read with both actors. Since her ABC soap debut in October 2018, fans have grown attached to Willow Tait and Katelyn MacMullen, and now you know more about her.

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