Who Plays Flo on Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful fans want to know who plays Flo Fulton? The answer is Katrina Bowden. As of now, Flo is neck deep in drama as she’s discovered she’s a Logan. For those CBS soap fans that notice something familiar about the actress, you’re spot on. She was a star of a mega-hit prime time comedy for years. She’s also got a famous husband as well. Here’s what you need to know about the actress cast as Flo on Bold and the Beautiful.

Katrina Bowden Cast on B&B as Flo

When Bold and the Beautiful was looking for a co-conspirator for Dr Reese Buckingham (Wayne Brady), it seemed like a throw-away role. They brought in a Vegas casino worker to pretend to be the baby mama to Beth so Reese could sell the kid. But then, in walked Katrina Bowden. Suddenly, it was apparent this would not be a one and done role and greater things were in store for Flo Fulton.

Why? Because B&B cast a famous face in the role of Flo. In case you don’t know where you’ve seen her before, Katrina Bowden was on the hit show 30 Rock for most of its run. From 2006-2013, she played Cerie Xerox in 99 of its 138 episodes. She was the beautiful office assistant to Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). She landed the hit show when she was just 17. Her character was known for her sweet naivete.

Bold and the Beautiful Flo Fulton Has Cerie Vibe

For those that remember Katrina Bowden on the ABC comedy, you’ll remember that Cerie was an innocent whom the men in the office lusted after. She didn’t do anything to try and attract them, but her rocking bod and hip, often revealing clothing drove the guys crazy. When her boss, Liz, tried to get her to tone down her clothing, it often went the other way. There’s a bit of that vibe on B&B now too.

On Bold and the Beautiful, it initially seemed that Flo Fulton might be a bit of a schemer. She’s not. In fact, it seems Reese took advantage of her kind nature and conned her into helping him steal a baby. Now, Flo is tormented by her misdeed. Especially because she discovered she’s a Logan so it’s her cousin’s baby that she helped steal. As a member of a legacy family, it seems Katrina will stick around the CBS soap.

Katrina Bowden’s Famous Husband Ben Jorgensen

Another reason you might know Katrina Bowden’s name, aside from B&B and 30 Rock, is that she’s got a famous hubby. She’s married to Ben Jorgensen, who is the lead singer and guitarist for rock band Armor for Sleep. The band broke up a few years ago and then he married Katrina Bowden in 2013. He’s now singing and performing as a solo artist. Ben Jorgensen met his now-wife Katrina Bowden on the set of a music video.

He was working with Fall Out Boy and she starred in one of their videos 14 years ago. Katrina and Ben dated, then drifted apart, then reunited and got more serious. Then, six years later, he proposed the night before the SAG Awards in LA. They got married in 2013 and it seems to be a much happier ending than you’d ever find on Bold and the Beautiful.

Who Plays Flo on Bold and the Beautiful?

The short answer to that question is that Katrina Bowden stepped easily into the role of Flo Fulton. She could have been a supervillain considering her start on B&B. But instead, she brought an unexpectedly kind vibe that shows her as a victim caught up in Reese’s awful scam. The actress known primarily for comedic work said in a recent interview that she enjoys the challenge of working on Bold and the Beautiful.

Katrina said she likes that as Flo Fulton she gets to “sink my teeth into” drama. Be sure to keep an eye on the talented actress on CBS daytime as Flo continues to wrestle with whether or not to spill the big baby swap secret. As of now, it seems even that reveal won’t send her packing. Because now they’ve tied her into the legacy Logan family and a renewed romance with Wyatt Spencer. So, it seems Katrina Bowden will be sticking around as Flo Fulton.

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