Who Plays Dev On ‘General Hospital’ and Is Ashton Arbab Staying on ‘GH’?

General Hospital spoilers promise the newest character known as Dev Cerci will be sticking around. So who plays Dev on GH? The answers is Ashton Arbab. The teen will be crashing at Casa Corinthos. Since Dev helped Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) in Turkey, the mob boss owes him. Now, Dev’s life is in danger so he fled to the US to get Sonny’s help. Of course, Sonny feels he owes Dev and wants to keep him safe. So, he’s got a plan to keep the kid in the US legally. Certainly, Dev’s presence is already beginning to shake things up on ABC’s GH. Here’s more on who is Dev Cerci, who plays Dev, and more about Ashton Arbab.

General Hospital Spoilers: Dev Ceri Flees Turkey for Sonny Corinthos’ Help

GH spoilers recall, if Dev Cerci didn’t help Sonny and Dante in Turkey, they would be dead. Certainly, it seems like the young man’s life is tough and it sharpened his survival skills. Dev calls himself a professional thief and does whatever it takes to get by. However, helping Sonny put the teen on Raj Patel’s (Noshir Dalal) radar. So, Dev’s days were numbered if he stayed in Turkey.

So, he managed to make his way to the United States to find Sonny. Although, that got Dev Cerci in hot water when he got busted for breaking into Dante’s house. Surely, staying in the US is Dev’s only chance of survival. No doubt, Sonny feels the need to protect him because he owes him his life. Plus, he is only a kid with nowhere to go, say General Hospital spoilers.

GH Spoilers: Sonny Makes “Devin” Part Of The Family

General Hospital spoilers say Sonny Corinthos wants to protect Dev Cerci. So, he got him released from the PCPD and took him home until he could figure out what to do. Certainly, his first move was to get Dev help from the WSB. After all, they were supposed to protect him because he risked his life to save an agent. However, that didn’t work out because Dev didn’t trust them and took off.

Now, the WSB believes they did their part and Dev is not their problem anymore. So, it is up to Sonny to find a way to keep Dev safe. He decides to let him stay at his house for the Summer. Then, Mike Corbin (Max Gail) inadvertently gave him the idea to pass Dev off as part of the family. Certainly, the resemblance is there seeing as Mike mistook him for a Corinthos cousin, say General Hospital spoilers.

Who Is Ashton Arbab? General Hospital Spoilers

GH spoilers report young actor Ashton Arbab plays the character Dev Cerci. The 16-year-old actor is known for playing Aaron on Alexa and Katie for Netflix. Additionally, he played Max Cooney on a pilot for TV called Most Likely To. Also, back in 2015, he played on Nickelodeon’s Mutt n’ Stuff. Besides that, Ashton Arbab starred in two short films, God Wants Everyone to be Part of his Family and also God’s Promise .

Also, he acted in the film Salseras.  While he is clearly a talented (and busy) actor, Ashton’s first passion is for the arts which he started at the age of six. He performed for three years in a children’s theater program. Also, he is a singer, musician and songwriter among his many artistic passions. Besides that, he is all over YouTube creating content, according to General Hospital spoilers.

Ashton Arbab And Eden McCoy Lifelong BFF’s – Not So Much on GH

General Hospital spoilers say Ashton Arbab is a longtime friend of Eden McCoy who plays Josslyn Jacks. No doubt, the two work well together. Certainly, their real-life friendship comes through on the screen. Surely, the actors are comfortable with each other and have a natural chemistry. However, right now, their GH teen characters are at odds but that could change soon.

Certainly, it seems like there is much more to come between Josslyn and Dev Cerci – and also Cameron. The teen romance chatter is that Eden and William Lipton are an in-real-life couple. As for Ashton Arbab, he’s reportedly dating Mackenzie Ziegler (AKA Kenzie from Dance Moms and little sis to famed dancer Maddie Ziegler).

Before the ABC soap explores more teen romance, Joss needs to properly grieve Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). But, there is no doubt that Dev and Eden make a good match, but Cam might not like that. So, watch GH weekdays to see what’s in store for Dev Cerci and how it affects everyone on GH. And now you know who plays Dev and who is Ashton Arbab!

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