Who Played Cassandra on ‘Young and the Restless’ – and How Did She Die?

Young and the Restless classic episodes churned up Cassandra Hall Rawlins recently, prompting fan questions about her. They want to know who played Cassandra and how she died. We’ve got a brief look at the femme fatale and her life and tragic death in Genoa City on Y&R.

Who Played Cassandra Hall on Young and the Restless?

Y&R introduced Cassandra Hall in the late 80s with Nina Arvesen in the role that spanned just four years. The interior designer was gorgeous, talented, and sparked with Paul Williams (Doug Davidson), who wasn’t yet a cop back then on Young and the Restless.

Paul slept with – and fell hard for her – but she refused to marry him. Cassandra Hall was hitched to George Rawlins (Jonathan Farwell) but sleeping with Paul. Unfortunately, her hubby was older (and impotent) on Young and the Restless.

Next, Cassandra Hall decided to leave her husband to be with Paul. But George suffered a heart attack and found out he was dying. So, Cassandra’s husband staged his suicide to frame Paul for murder. But, she kept another secret on Young and the Restless.

Her Other Lovers on Y&R Included Paul and Brad Carlton

Back then on Young and the Restless, tricky Cassandra Hall had another guy on the side, Adrian Hunter (Mark Derwin). As it turns out, George didn’t kill himself – Adrian killed him and set it up to look like his lover Cassandra did the dirty deed. Cops arrested him, and Cassandra went free.

Then on Young and the Restless, Cassandra Hall swore she’d make Brad Carlton (B&B’s Don Diamont) her man. He was divorced from Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland). And he wooed Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) at the time. When he hesitated, Cassandra drugged and married Brad.

He was furious about the set-up and swore to Traci that he loved her, recall Young and the Restless recaps. They wound up “divorced.” Then, Cassandra Hall told Paul he was the man she really wanted. So, they made plans to reunite. But then fate intervened. All these reminders popped up on Y&R rerun episodes.

How Did Cassandra Die on Young and the Restless?

History didn’t do Cassandra Hall Rawlins kindly on the CBS sudser. She wound up dead in a sad and awkward way. She was on her way to meet Paul to rekindle their love. So, this could have been her happily ever after moment, on Young and the Restless.

Instead, someone ran her over with a truck. She was DOA there on the street, which was a decidedly non-glamorous way to kill off her troublemaking character. Plus, it meant Paul never got to get back with the woman he’d fall hard for on Young and the Restless.

She willed her riches to Paul. But instead, Brad raked in her millions and the company her husband founded, Ra-Tech. That was thanks to a paperwork glitch in their divorce docs. As for Cassandra on Young and the Restless, all she got was a grave.

So, while Cassandra Hall wasn’t on Y&R for that long, she made her mark with fans while there. With her big hair, glam outfits, and ability to lure men, Cassandra was big drama for the CBS soap. But, she’s dead and gone – aside from these reruns of classic episodes.

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