Who Is Grace Turner on ‘Young and the Restless’?

Young and the Restless classic episodes resurrected Jennifer Gareis‘s character, Grace Turner. Newer watchers may not know her or how she fits into the character canvas on the CBS sudser. Take a quick look at who’s Grace Turner, when she started, and how she exited Y&R.

Grace Turner – Sharon Newman’s Troublesome BFF on Young and the Restless

The backstory on Grace Turner, first played by Josie Davis, was that she was a high school pal of Sharon Newman (Sharon Case). That was back when teenage Sharon get pregnant with Cassie Newman (Camryn Grimes) – and her twin, but she wouldn’t know that for many years to come.

Fast forward on Young and the Restless to when Sharon birthed Noah Newman, Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) son. When she found out baby Noah might die, Grace found Cassie and brought her to GC.

Originally on Young and the Restless, Grace Turner planned to bring Cassie back into Sharon’s life to ease the pain over losing her newborn. But, the baby survived, so she thought, what the heck? I’ll keep cute little Cassie for myself. So, Grace Turner was Cassie’s “mom” for a while.

Nick Fell Into Bed With Her on Y&R – But That’s a Secret Still

To this day on Young and the Restless, Sharon doesn’t know Nick about the first one-night-stand he had with her bestie Grace Turner (but only while he was drunk). However, Grace used the one night stand to her advantage and kept trying to steal the hunk from her friend.

He kept resisting her, though. Nick turned into Grace Turner’s full-time obsession, and she finally wore him down on Young and the Restless. But, she didn’t last long in Nick’s bed, though, as he reunited with Sharon quickly. Her next bed buddy was Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc).

But through the years, Nick would booty call Grace Turner when he was angry at Sharon, and she happily obliged, recall Young and the Restless recaps. Over a few years, Grace was in and out of Genoa City as needed for plotlines – like when Sharon thought she killed a man.

Young and the Restless: Grace Turner (Jennifer Gareis) - Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow)

Grace Lost Out Eventually on Young and the Restless – Jennifer Gareis’s New Gig

The original Grace actress didn’t last long, and then Jennifer Gareis took on the role and was last spotted six years ago in a guest arc. Y&R brought her back when Mariah Copeland first cropped up, and Nick wanted to grill her about the night Sharon gave birth.

Then, years later, Sharon cut ties with Grace Turner on Young and the Restless. She knew her supposed friend Grace still had the hots for Nick. Finally, when Nick and Sharon split explosively, she made one last desperate play for him. And Grace almost got him back in the sack.

But, on Young and the Restless, Nick stopped short of hooking up with her at The Underground. And, he told her to go away. He decided to break his Grace Turner habit. Now, Jennifer Gareis plays the much-nicer Donna Logan over on Bold and the Beautiful.

Still, we might see her again, depending on how long Y&R classic episodes continue. Be sure to check out the latest on when Young and the Restless resumes shooting new episodes.

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