Who Are Chance Chancellor’s Parents on ‘Young and the Restless’?

People are asking who are Chance Chancellor‘s parents on Young and the Restless? Spoilers confirm with Donny Boaz in place as the recast, there’s lots of questions about the legacy character who came back out of the blue. Now, since Boaz is on contract, that means there’s plenty more Chance to come. So, it’s important to know who he is and how Chance Chancellor fits into the character canvas on Y&R. Take a look at the info for the CBS daytime comeback character.

Who Are Chance Chancellor’s Parents on Young and the Restless?

Y&R spoilers history reminds that Chance Chancellor’s mother is Nina Webster, played by Tricia Cast. Back then, Nina raised Chance as a single mom. Because, his dad exited Genoa City to keep his personal life secret. Young and the Restless last had Nina on in 2014. And it’s been awhile since Chance was spotted on Y&R.

As for Chance Chancellor’s father, he’s Phillip Chancellor III played by Thom Bierdz. Back in the day, P3 faked his death and ran away. So, he grew up without a dad. Later, Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) came to town pretending to be Phillip Chancellor 3, as part of a deal he’d worked out with Phillip the third, remind Young and the Restless spoilers history.

What Other Family Does Chance Chancellor Have on Y&R?

Of course, longtime Young and the Restless viewers know that Chance’s real name is Phillip Chancellor IV. But, with all those Phillips running around, it’s better just to call him Chance. Naturally, he’s related to Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) who is his great-grandmother. And his grandmother is Jill Abbott (Jess Walton).

So, that makes Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) his great-uncle. So, you can see that Chance Chancellor has deep ties to the character canvas and legacy families. However, things weren’t so smooth from the start. Because when he was first born on Young and the Restless, spoilers recall Jill doubted that Nina Webster birthed a Chancellor child.

Other Interesting Things to Know About Chance

Obviously, Young and the Restless spoilers tell us Chance Chancellor had a major case of SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome). However, that’s pretty common for many kids on soaps. In his younger days and before Donny Boaz got the part, you might have seen Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley playing the role.

Back in the day, Kay and Jill fought over custody of Chance when he was much younger. After Jill first doubted his paternity on Young and the Restless, spoilers say she came around. And wanted the kid for herself as did his Great-Grandma Kay. And naturally, Chance’s Grandpa was Phillip Chancellor II.

During his past on Young and the Restless, spoilers know Chance served as a soldier in Iraq. Then when he came to Genoa City, he was on the GCPD as a cop. Back in the day, Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) caught his eye and he fell for her. This time on Y&R, clearly he’s got ties also to Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) related to Las Vegas.

There’s lots more to come for Chance Chancellor on Y&R, so stay tuned.

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