Which Michael Easton Character Is Your Fave On ‘General Hospital’?

General Hospital fans know Michael Easton is famous for playing several characters ranging from vampire to cop to doctor. First, there was bloodsucker Caleb Morley with the alter ego of Michael the priest. Then, John McBain – who came over from One Life to Live. Next, was doctor Silas Clay who was Kiki Jerome’s (Hayley Erin) father. Plus, Nina Reeves (then Michelle Stafford) husband. Then, of course, the unique disease specialist Hamilton Finn that we see on our screens today. No doubt, the actor is versatile and skillful. But, which character is the best on the ABC sudser?

Vampire Caleb Morley On General Hospital Spinoff Port Charles

GH fans would never forget Caleb Morley – the vampire living in the catacombs? Remember, Caleb was king of the vampires with supernatural powers. Long ago, he was in love with a woman, Olivia. However, after revealing he was a vampire, she wouldn’t marry him. So, he killed her but he remained obsessed with her. Also, Caleb had another personality, Michael, who was gentle and kind. No doubt, his alter-ego was to keep Caleb’s evil tendencies at bay on General Hospital sister show Port Charles.

Remember, Michael was living in a monastery pretending to be a priest. Of course, he was trying to hide his evil counterpart Caleb. However, Michael couldn’t keep Caleb in check and he eventually took over. Then, he met Livvie Locke (Kelly Monaco) who was a dead ringer for Olivia. Soon, he began controlling her and leading her away from her family and friends. But, they could tell what was going on and came to her rescue. Turns out, Lucy Coe was a vampire slayer. So, she did her best to kill him. It’s a far cry from Hamilton Finn on General Hospital, right?

But, in the end, it was Michael that brought Caleb down and himself in the process. However, he didn’t die and was possessing Livvie to get her to do his bidding. He had her messing with everyone in Port Charles to destroy them. However, she was able to break free and finish him off once and for all – supposedly. The last time Caleb was seen he was “dead” in the morgue at GH. Then, a man resembling him with his ring on left the room. So, it seems he is still out there somewhere which may leave the door open for a demonic return to General Hospital.

Detective John McBain On GH

Next, on General Hospital was John McBain who came over from Llanview after the end of One Life To Live. Remember, he was on the hunt for Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) and that’s what brought him to Port Chuck. Besides that, he was after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Years ago, John was a part of the FBI and tried to take Sonny down with no luck. See, John had a long-lost sister, Theresa, that he was searching for on GH. Then, John McBain found out she was in with Sonny’s organization and it cost her life.

However, it later came out that Joe Scully (Richard Steinmetz) was to blame. Then, he went after Joe. But, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) beat him to it and brought Joe back to Sonny. Later, John struggled to cope – distraught over his sister’s death and his guilt he felt that it was hard to cope. Also, he got close to Sam McCall who was also down in the dumps on General Hospital. Plus, that led to John taking a job at the PCPD which only brought on more trouble. Remember, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) thought John McBain was Caleb Morley.

So, she went after him plunging a wooden stake into his chest. Thankfully, he didn’t die but then someone else thought he was the vamp. This time, Alison Barrington (Erin Hershey Presley) who was also running from Caleb. After Alison’s death, everyone thought John was responsible because they look identical. But, “Caleb” was really a man named Stephen Clay who only thought he was a vampire. Now, that brings us to Micheal Easton’s next character on the soap, Silas Clay, who then came to General Hospital.

General Hospital’s Silas Clay

On GH, Michael Easton is also known for the role of Silas Clay, the brother of Stephen Clay. Remember, Stephen was the man who thought he was a vampire and was in an asylum because of it. Silas was first seen by Sam McCall who thought he was Stephen. Then, he said he was Stephen’s brother and she let him in on his brother’s history. Also, she told him that he had a nephew, Rafe Kovich (Jimmy Deshler), the son of Caleb and Alison Barrington. Later, Silas got custody of the boy, on General Hospital.

Also, Silas diagnosed Sam’s son Danny Morgan (Porter Fasullo) with Leukemia, later saving his life. Plus, he and Sam McCall began a relationship. Then, it came out that he had a past with Ava Jerome (Maura West). So, he began to wonder if he was Kiki Jerome’s father. Sure enough, he was and after some time they had a relationship. Besides that, a new secret came to light. Silas had a wife, Nina Reeves but she had been in a coma for over twenty years on General Hospital.

Remember, Nina overdosed when she found out about his affair with Ava Jerome which put her in the coma. Then, he found out Nina was alive (decades later) and she eventually came between him and Sam. After that, he told Ava she had cancer and she told him to end her life. Instead, he stole Avery Corinthos (Scarola twins) using her bone marrow to save Ava’s life. In the end, Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) murdered Silas Clay on General Hospital.

Quirky Hamilton Finn On GH

No doubt, General Hospital’s Hamilton Finn is quite different from all of Michael Easton’s other characters. Certainly, his sense of humor is dry and unusual but his heart is kind. However, he is not without skeletons in his closet. Remember, Finn had a battle with drug addiction. Additionally, he made an enemy of Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) and lost his job at the hospital thanks to her. However, he got it back and beat his demons.

Certainly, with a little help from Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig). They even had a baby on the way. However, his life blew up when she left him on their wedding day and said she had a miscarriage. After a good deal of time, he got back on track and is now happy with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). Although, things are shaking up a bit.

Because Hayden is in town with news that their child is alive. Certainly, he is in love with Anna but their life together is facing complications. No doubt, Michael Easton is an extremely skillful actor. Surely, he brings life to every character he plays. Continue to watch GH  to see what’s in store for Michael Easton’s latest character Hamilton Finn on the ABC sudser.

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