When is ‘Young and the Restless’ on Again – Phyllis, Abby & Chelsea Plots Left Hanging

Fans are asking when is Young and the Restless going to be on again? Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) faces a rough road. Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) needs revenge on Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) and fans are left waiting. Plus, there’s other big action left hanging.

Unfortunately, the answer to when we get a new episode is a big question mark. And, is further complicated by the fact that the show already airs one day ahead in Canada and as of now, is two days ahead. Viewers are worried and are right to be.

So, here’s the latest update from CBS on when new Y&R episodes will air. As of now, we’re waiting to see how family pressure affects Chelsea and Chadam. Then, Phyllis and Abby tangle at work and in their private lives. But it could be as long as two months before we see this.

When Can You Watch Young and the Restless Again – Chelsea Newman Left Hanging

The first thing to know is that Y&R aired a brand new episode on Tuesday in Canada. So, they are up to Thursday already. Even if we see a brand new Young and the Restless on Wednesday, we’re behind. Just before the winter holidays, news delays put our northern neighbors days ahead of us.

But, over the Christmas/New Years weeks, CBS realigned so that Canada was only one day ahead of us again. However, if the Senate hearings keep pushing our soaps off the air, it begs the question of what will happen with Young and the Restless up north?

Will CBS daytime actually run brand new shows in the other country while ditching its US fanbase? As of now, it’s quite possible that American fans get the short end of the soap stick. While most expected Young and the Restless to be preempted today, fans still raged online.

But What About Now – Is Y&R on Today?

The latest Young and the Restless airdate information is that Tuesday’s missed episode will air the next day… Or, the following day that there’s no prevailing news coverage. On Tuesday, only one of the four soaps aired in most markets. And, that was Days of our Lives.

As for General Hospital, the network said it’s back on the air Wednesday. But, that might not be the case. The other CBS sudser, Bold and the Beautiful, also was displaced by news. So, will B&B and Young and the Restless go weeks without new episodes?

This is a critical time considering that many fans are thrilled Chelsea Newman’s back with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) and want more of that. Plus, Phyllis Summers and Abby Newman tangle over a man. If the network keeps leaving us hanging though, fans may lose interest in these plots.

CBS Said It’s Airing News – Not Soaps – When Will We Get Abby Newman vs Phyllis Summers Action?

Already, CBS said it would cover the hearings rather than soaps. And, they released statements saying new episodes of Bold and Young and the Restless “might” air tomorrow or later in the week, or… who knows? More importantly – no one knows – the decisions are being made moments before airtime.

And, it seems that local CBS affiliates are feeling the fire. Because, that’s where fans are calling to complain about missing Young and the Restless. Many local CBS stations pushed out statements today telling fans it’s out of their hands. In fact, they don’t know until they see what hits the airwaves.

And, it’s quite likely that CBS will decide day-to-day whether they’ll air soaps. And, they might give fans one Young and the Restless a week to keep them hopeful and hanging on. The larger question is whether Y&R fans will wait — and for how long?

As of now, Y&R “might” be on day (or tomorrow) based on their tweet above, but don’t bank on it. Meanwhile, we’re left waiting to find out what happens with Chelsea Newman, Abby Newman, and Phyllis Summers.

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