‘When Calls The Heart’: Ned Yost Recovers and Florence Blakeley Hovers

When Calls The Heart storekeeper Ned Yost (Hrothgar Mathews) recovers in the hospital while Florence Blakeley (Loretta Walsh) tries to keep the Mercantile running smoothly. Hearties have been anxiously waiting for the flirtation between Ned and Florence to bloom. It appears to have taken the storekeeper’s health scare to give them a boost in the right direction.

When Calls The Heart: Ned Yost & Florence Blakeley Share Longing Looks

Season 12 of When Calls The Heart on Hallmark Channel has escalated the budding romance between two of the town elders, Ned Yost and Florence Blakeley. The two work together and their proximity seems to have brought their interest in each other to light. Faithful Hearties were thrilled in a previous episode when Ned and Florence’s hands touched while exchanging a box of supplies.

Other clues to Ned Yost and Florence Blakeley’s developing romance on When Calls The Heart have included Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) walking in on them unexpectedly, as they were holding hands. Florence gave Ned a home remedy for his stomach upset, and their hands touched as he took it. Holding hands, Florence said she worried about him.

In a previous episode of When Calls The Heart, Florence gave Ned a beekeeper’s outfit. Ned Yost is amazed and asked how she knew he’d developed an interest in beekeeping. Shyly, Florence Blakeley replied she’d developed an interest in him. Eyes locked, they tentatively reach over the box to touch hands but are interrupted by the bell on the door.

When Calls The Heart: Ned Yost (Hrothgar Mathews) - Florence Blakeley (Loretta Walsh)

WCTH: Ned Yost’s Scary Fall Down the Steps of the Mercantile

Later in the same episode of WCTH, Ned tried on the beekeeper’s outfit and went outside to show Florence Blakeley. As he started down the stairs, he fell and landed unconscious at the foot of the stairs. Dr. Carson Shepard (Paul Greene) was close by and attended to him quickly. Continuing with this week’s episode of When Calls The Heart, Ned Yost is still in the hospital and needs an operation

Florence Blakeley seems lost and worried. Meanwhile, Ned Yost’s condition worsens, causing Dr. Shepard to consider an operation. Florence hovers around the doctor’s office, breaking into tears as she tells Elizabeth she’s “not ready for this”. Elizabeth is with her as Florence speaks to Ned before his operation on When Calls The Heart.

Ned Yost makes an effort to speak and breathlessly asks Florence Blakeley to marry him as soon as he’s back on his feet. She tried to put him off, telling him to concentrate on getting well. But Ned insists on an answer. Smiling and holding back tears, Florence agrees to marry her love on When Calls The Heart. Is this a real proposal, or the effects of Ned’s illness?

When Calls The Heart: Florence Blakeley (Loretta Walsh)

When Calls The Heart: Florence Gets Engaged

Ned Yost undergoes an operation to remove his gallbladder, but Dr. Shepard isn’t sure he was able to do enough for Ned to recover. Meanwhile, Florence Blakeley runs herself ragged, trying to keep the Mercantile and telephone office going by herself on When Calls The Heart. Elizabeth Thornton tried to convince her to get some rest, but Florence snapped at her.

Aghast, Florence Blakeley apologized, then reconsidered and allowed Elizabeth to find someone to cover the store. When Calls The Heart star Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton) was happy to help. Back in the infirmary, Dr. Carson Shepard worries that Ned isn’t recovering. But Florence arrived to keep Ned Yost company, holding his hand and singing to him.

When he finally wakes up, Florence is by his side. They each smile at each other, and then Ned Yost wanted to know if he asked her to marry him while he had a fever? Tentatively, Florence Blakeley confirmed he did ask and she said yes. He smiled and said “good” which caused her to take his head in her hands and place her forehead against his. The happy couple holds each other gratefully with Ned still in the infirmary cot. Hearties are glad to see this couple together on Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart.

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