‘When Calls the Heart’: Lori Loughlin FIRED – Abigail Stanton Killed Off?

When Calls the Heart fans must brace themselves because Hallmark fired Lori Loughlin today. They could kill Abigail Stanton off – or pack the widow and ship her out of Hope Valley. Either way, Hearties need to brace themselves for a major shakeup on the beloved show.

When Calls The Heart – Lori Loughlin Axed – What Happens to Abigail Stanton?

Over the years, characters have come and gone on WCTH, but Abigail was a mainstay. Now the Mayor of the quaint little frontier town, it won’t be easy to sweep her out of the way. She’s integral to the character canvas, so Lori Loughlin’s real-life scandal will rock the show.

Hallmark channel makes wholesome family values productions. So them axing Loughlin should be no surprise to fans of When Calls the Heart. If you’ve been under a rock somewhere, perhaps you haven’t heard. Federal court indicted Lori Loughlin as part of a massive corruption case.

Lori Arrested – Accused of Dropping Half-Million to Get Kids Into USC

Federal agents arrested Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and dozens of other rich and famous persons this week for allegedly bribing college test administrators, and athletic directors, among others. The charges relate to a massive scheme for those with wealth to cheat the system and get their kids into top tier schools by skirting the rules. The WCTH star’s details in the case are stunning.

The When Calls the Heart star reportedly paid a whopping $500,000 to get her two daughters into University of Southern California. The court alleges Loughlin paid to have her girls recruited as part of the rowing team although neither was ever in the sport. That’s small change for Lori Loughlin who lives in a stunning $35 million mansion. She and her hubby, Mossimo Giannulli (with a Target clothing line bearing his name) are worth more than $100 million.

Hallmark Cuts Loughlin From When Calls the Heart – She is Done!

Axing Lori Loughlin had to be hard on Hallmark because they are in deep with her. Not only does she play Abigail Stanton on WCTH, but is one of the channel’s “Christmas Queens” that feature heavily in their holiday lineup. She’s also got the Garage Sale Mystery movie series there. Three movies were in pre-production and there’s another shooting now. The network’s statement indicates all are canceled.

Despite all the pending projects linking Lori Loughlin to the channel, they severed ties today with a firm statement. A rep for Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart said they were “saddened” by the allegations. And also said they are “no longer working” with her and all production related to Lori Loughlin is over and done. Initially the network waiting to see where the chips fell, then decided they could no longer be associated with her.

Lori Loughlin Passport Revoked – When Calls the Heart Films in Canada

Lori Loughlin’s lawyer asked for her to keep her passport. He claimed it was necessary for work as she needed to travel back and forth to Canada to star as Abigail Stanton since Coal Valley (now Hope Valley) is in British Columbia, Canada. The judge didn’t like it but eventually decided to let Lori Loughlin keep the travel document until December and revoke it then.

The court may revoke it now since she’s been fired from When Calls the Heart and no longer needs to travel for work. Considering the sizable assets the accused parents possess, the court likely considers all a flight risk. For now, it looks like Hope Valley will be without its mayor soon. There is no word yet on how WCTH will explain Abigail Stanton’s abrupt exit.

Who Did the College Scam Hurt?

When Calls the Heart viewers aren’t happy with Loughlin’s scandal as this was not a victimless crime. “Operation Varsity Blues” revealed a corrupt scheme to put kids of the rich and famous ahead of others when it came to college acceptance and admission into athletic programs.

For each rich kid that (allegedly) cheated their way into a program – deserving children of “regular people” were shoved out of a spot they had truly earned. One things is for sure – Abigail Stanton never would have behaved that way!

Hallmark announced there will be no episode of WCTH this Sunday March 17 because they are “evaluating all creative options”.

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