‘When Calls The Heart’ Erin Krakow Hilarious In Baby Bump Role [Video]

When Calls the Heart fans were treated to a video on Erin Krakow‘s Instagram this week. It showed her in her baby bump outfit and she looked like she’s all into playing the heavily pregnant role. In fact, she was so convincing talking to Extra TV’s Paul Green that she had him and her followers giggling. No wonder the ‘hearties’ love her! In a funny take on acting her pregnant role to perfection, she kept crunching on the cookies.

‘When Calls the Heart’ actress prefers baby bumps to corsets

In the video, Erin, who plays the role of Elizabeth Thatcher-Thornton in the popular When Calls the Heart Hallmark series, looked very pregnant. In fact, one fan wondered if she was about to pop out some twins. It’s not the first time Erin’s shown her baby bump containing Jack Thatcher’s` offspring. Back on October 17, Erin posted a photo of her bump protruding between Florence Blakely (Loretta Walsh) and Molly Sullivan (Johannah Newmarch). Fans already dubbed the bump as Elizabump, which will do for now.  But that photo didn’t show how big she’s gotten in just over two weeks of real time.

The new video shows her sitting down on a chair, in a Christmas setting. Of course, this is very apt as her Hallmark movie Marrying Father Christmas debuts on Sunday, November 4. Paul Green asked her a fan question, saying it came from a tweet. The question was what she prefers to wear, the corset or the baby bump? Saying it was an easy question to answer, Erin definitely opted for the baby bump. Then she asked Paul Green what he would prefer. He also went with dumping the corset.

Erin Krakow keeps asking for the cookies

Just as pregnant women crave certain foods in real life, Erin kept asked for the plate of cookies. “May I have this?” she asked, reaching for them. In fact, she was so persistent and real about it that Paul asked if she was getting pregnancy cravings. The lighthearted video came with a lot of laughter between our favorite actress and her interviewer. Erin said she’s “not really” having cravings, but it’s “pretty nice” to feel like she does. With that, chomp, another cookie disappeared into her mouth.

Actually, Erin’s got the pregnant role down so pat, that she naturally balanced the plate of cookies on top of her bump. Fans picked up on that as well. Obviously, it’s a very natural pregnant woman thing! Fans loved the rapport between the pair. In fact, many of them commented on how much fun they had. All the fans are excited about Marrying Father Christmas, the WCTH Christmas special and Season 6!

Season five of ‘WCTH’ broke the hearts of fans

When Daniel Lissing (Jack Thornton) died in When Calls the Heart at the close of Season 5 fans were heartbroken. Erin Krakow’s joy disintegrated with news of his death. But luckily, there was some reprieve from the grief in the last minutes of the finale of the show. That came when Abigail Stanton (Lori Loughlin) told Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) about her pregnancy. The next season of “When Calls the Heart” will focus on the baby and new relationships in the community.

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