‘When Calls The Heart’: Elizabeth Thornton Rebuffs Lucas Bouchard

When Calls The Heart schoolmarm Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) and Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) share a romantic moment. However, Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry) realized he’s still interested in the pretty schoolteacher. Will the debonair businessman win her heart? Or will the courageous and noble Mountie overcome her hesitation to love again?

When Calls The Heart: Lucas Bouchard Continues to Romance Elizabeth Thornton

When Calls The Heart saloon-keeper Lucas Bouchard continues the romance following his late-night supper with Elizabeth Thornton. She hears a knock at her door and opens it to find no one there. A quick look around reveals a mysterious letter. Elizabeth opens the letter to find an invitation to a picnic with Lucas.

Elizabeth’s suitor on When Calls The Heart set up a champagne supper by the water for them to enjoy. Lucas told Elizabeth he thought to make it up to her since their first date didn’t go as planned. But Elizabeth Thornton said the backyard under the stars was pretty nice. Lucas Bouchard agreed with her and said it was good she was home in case Little Jack Thornton (Lincoln Taylor and Gunnar Taylor) needed her.

Elizabeth told Lucas how lovely everything was, and Lucas said it was something she needed. She mentioned his mother and the multitude of changes she requested for Elizabeth’s manuscript. Elizabeth Thornton told Lucas he could have warned her, but Lucas Bouchard said life is more fun with surprises. Like the ones he seems to be full of, Elizabeth replied, on Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart.

When Calls The Heart: Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow) - Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally)

WCTH: Elizabeth Resists Lucas’ Kiss

But even the best-laid plans don’t always go as intended. Elizabeth proposes a toast “to us,” just as thunder rumbles overhead. Before Lucas can decide if it will pass, rain deluges them. Elizabeth Thornton and her beau Lucas Bouchard race for the shelter of the car. Breathless, their eyes met, and Lucas moved in for a kiss on When Calls The Heart.

Is this the sign faithful fans of WCTH have been waiting for all season? Hearties were promised she would seal it with a kiss. With raindrops dripping down their faces, Lucas locked eyes with Elizabeth. Lucas moved toward her, and she started to meet him halfway. But suddenly, Elizabeth Thornton pulled back from Lucas Bouchard, saying she’s not ready, on When Calls The Heart.

Faithful When Calls The Heart fans were hoping this scene with Lucas Bouchard was the sign they’d been looking for to indicate Elizabeth Thornton’s choice for her new love. But it seems her heart is still unsure. For now, it appears her wedding ring stays on her finger as a reminder of her late husband. And, perhaps Elizabeth hasn’t completely resolved things with her other suitor, Nathan Grant.

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant (Kevin McGarry)

When Calls The Heart: Nathan Grant Isn’t Giving Up

Hope Valley’s Constable Nathan on When Calls The Heart, has a hard time avoiding Elizabeth ever since she rejected his declaration of love. And young Allie Grant (Jaeda Lily Miller) noticed they seemed at odds. Allie questioned her Uncle Nathan about his feelings for Elizabeth Thornton on WCTH.

Nathan said it’s complicated and tried to put Allie off. But later, outside the cafe, Nathan runs into Hope Valley’s doctor, Carson Shepard (Paul Greene). Carson is watching Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks) while Nathan Grant pins his eye on Elizabeth Thornton as she talks to Lucas Bouchard. The men carry on a conversation about trying new things and comfortable relationships. Each man is watching a different woman, but their conversation flows together on When Calls The Heart.

Carson wonders why people stop trying new things. Nathan ponders why people give up when things don’t go their way. Carson said there are plenty of new experiences to enjoy. Or meaningful relationships, Nathan Grant replied. Carson said she needs to trust him, and Nathan added she just needs to get to know him. Both men declare they’re not giving up. Will Nathan proceed with his pursuit of Elizabeth Thornton on Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart? Or has Lucas Bouchard already stolen Elizabeth’s heart?

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