‘When Calls The Heart’: Christopher Hughes Brings Bad Element to Hope Valley?

When Calls The Heart newcomer Christopher Hughes (James Drew Dean) brings a different element to the town of Hope Valley Sharp-eyed Hearties may have caught him picking Lee Coulter’s (Kavan Smith) pocket just as he arrived in town. Now, it appears Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) has suspicions about Christopher.

When Calls The Heart: Christopher Hughes – New Guy in Town

Christopher Hughes arrived in Hope Valley in last week’s episode of Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart. Just as he arrived, Lee Coulter rushed out into the street, and they ran into each other. Christopher holds one arm behind his back as he turns around to face Lee and apologize. As Christopher continues on his way, he holds up a pocket watch.

Not much is known about Christopher Hughes at first on When Calls The Heart. Lee Coulter’s niece, Rachel Thom (Jennifer Laporte), was looking out the dress shop window when Lee and Christopher ran into each other. It appears she may have seen the younger man pickpocket her uncle because later, she tells Christopher she knows when someone is up to no good.

Rachel Thom seems quite infatuated with the handsome Christopher Hughes on When Calls The Heart. She saw him coming toward the dress and put on lipstick before walking out to talk to him on the porch. Rachel flirted with Christopher, asking him if he was looking for something for a special lady. He replies in kind, wanting to know if the special lady saw anything she liked in the window. Rachel said she did as she looked at his reflection.

When Calls The Heart: Christopher Hughes (James Drew Dean) - Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins)

WCTH: What Ties Does Christopher Have to Henry Gowen?

Christopher Hughes followed Henry Gowen (Martin Cummins) to the oil derrick in the previous episode of When Calls The Heart. He seems surprised that Henry doesn’t own the company any longer. He accused Henry of losing the company due to mismanagement and wants to know what Henry learned from that? Henry Gowen said he’s trying to learn from his mistakes.

Henry Gowen told Christopher Hughes that life is devastatingly fragile. He said he would never have enough time to correct the things he did wrong or make amends. Henry told Christopher the pain he’s caused is something he will carry with him forever. He tried to shake Christopher’s hand but was rebuffed, and the younger man went back to Hope Valley in a previous episode of When Calls The Heart.

Later, however, Christopher met Henry Gowen in the street and told him he planned to stay in Hope Valley, as long as Henry was okay with that. Henry said he’d like that, and this time the two men shook hands. When Calls The Heart schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton approached them and Henry introduced Christopher Hughes as his son, rendering Elizabeth speechless.

When Calls The Heart: Christopher Hughes (James Drew Dean)

When Calls the Heart: Suspicion Surrounds the Newcomer

Lee Coulter finally realized his pocket watch is missing in this week’s episode of When Calls the Heart on Hallmark. Lee said he looked everywhere. He even went to the Mountie office where Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) looked for it in lost and found. Christopher Hughes spoke briefly to Rosemary Coulter (Pascale Hutton), who looked thoughtfully at him as he walked away.

Rosemary told Lee Coulter she knew an act when she saw one, as they watched Christopher Hughes make his way through the cafe on WCTH. Lee later mentioned the watch to Lucas Bouchard at the saloon and said it had been missing for about a week. Lucas, the saloonkeeper and businessman on When Calls The Heart, went upstairs to chat with the new guy in town. Lucas Bouchard nonchalantly asked if he knew anything about a missing pocket watch.

Christoper mockingly said, “gee, I’ll sure keep my eyes open.” Lucas Bouchard made sure that Christopher Hughes knew he’d find himself on the next stage out of town if Lucas finds out he’s picking pockets. Christopher said he didn’t steal any watch. But after Lucas left, he pulled a pocket watch out and opened it to read the inscription. Will Christopher be able to hide his activities and purpose in Hope Valley on When Calls The Heart?

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