‘When Calls The Heart’: Carson Declares His Feelings For Faith Carter

When Calls The Heart this week saw Faith Carter (Andrea Brooks) and Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene) take their relationship to the next level. Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) asked an old friend to help catch gun runners. Then, Abigail Stanton (Lori Loughlin) and Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally) faced off about the noise level at the saloon. See what happened on WCTH Season 6, Episode 4 “A Vote of Confidence”.

When Calls The Heart: Carson Shepherd Tells Faith Carter He Wants A Relationship

On WCTH, Faith Carter and Rosemary LeVeaux (Pascale Hutton) debated what Carson Shepherd meant when he called her “special”. Carson confided in Lee Coulter (Kavan Smith) that he has romantic feelings for Faith. While treating a patient, Faith and Dr Carson talked about communication and what words mean.

Then, Carson worked up the courage to tell Faith Carter he cares deeply for her and wants to take a chance on love. However, while Faith also cares for him, she is afraid it will end badly. She wonders if they will lose what they have now.

While making house calls, Faith Carter told Carson Shepherd she also decided to take a risk for love. Thrilled, he revealed he planned a picnic to convince her to change her mind. Faith and Carson shared a sweet kiss on When Calls The Heart.

Elizabeth Thatcher And Baby Jack Move Forward on WCTH

Elizabeth Thatcher (Erin Krakow) and Abigail strolled through town with Jack Jr. Then, she invited Abigail and Lee to dinner in thanks for their support. Dinner went well until talk turned to the saloon noise level on When Calls The Heart.

Lee avoided the discussion by taking care of baby Jack. It seemed he didn’t share Abigail’s take on the issue. At school, Elizabeth’s saw success as she helped Timmy Lawson (Christian Michael Cooper) make friends.

When Calls The Heart: Abigail Stanton And Lucas Bouchard Showdown

On WCTH, Abigail asked Lucas to close the salon at a reasonable hour due to the noise complaints rolling in and he agreed. However, the very next night, the noise was even louder. So, Abigail confronted Lucas but he refused to honor their agreement.

Next, she decided to get the town council to vote on a law to force all town businesses to close by 10. Right before the town meeting, Lucas announced a half-price beer offer that starts after 10 pm. Abigail realized he is not a man accustomed to losing.

With the council vote split, Abigail cast the deciding vote. Instead, she offered Lucas the chance to compromise. He agreed to two late nights a week at the saloon When Calls The Heart. Everyone seemed happy with the decision.

Bill Avery Pursues Lawbreakers The Judge Set Free on WCTH

On When Calls The Heart, expert witness Bill was set to testify in the trial of the criminals Jack helped catch before he died. Elizabeth was so proud of Jack’s legacy. But, when Bill showed to testify, he was upset to hear the judge dropped the charges citing a lack of evidence.

Bill angrily confronted the judge and demanded to know who got to him. He learned the outlaws threatened the judge, so the scared guy set them free. Bill won’t stand for that and so he set out to find them on WCTH.

Bill Needed Help Tracking Criminals

Later on When Calls The Heart, Bill asked a friend for help tracking the bad guys. After some convincing, they headed out. That led them to a mine shaft as the guide promised it’s a short cut his father told him about.

Just as Bill decided to turn back, an avalanche rocked in the shaft. Fortunately, they made it out and then found the outlaws. Bill arrested them and hauled them back to town. It was an exciting episode so be sure to watch the next WCTH Sunday on Hallmark to see the new Mountie arrive in Hope Valley.

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