What Happened to Chelsea on Young and the Restless?

With Melissa Claire Egan back to Y&R soon, fans are asking what happened to Chelsea on Young and the Restless? It’s been a minute since Chelsea Lawson Newman was in Genoa City. She had a messy past as a con woman but then went legit. Yet, right before she skipped GC, she seemed to turn back to her bad girl ways. Now, with recast Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) in town next week, Chelsea comes back for her baby daddy it seems. But what has she been doing since she left and what made Chelsea Newman turn bad again?

Young and the Restless: Chelsea Lawson Newman Was Sketchy From the Start

Back when Chelsea Lawson came to Y&R, it was when she scammed a drunk Billy Abbott (then Billy Miller) into her bed and got herself pregnant. Then she and her mother Anita Lawson (Catherine Bach from Dukes of Hazzard) ruined Billy’s life working with the Mustache who wanted Billy away from Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). But later, Chelsea softened up and let Billy and Vikki adopt the kid.

After that, on Young and the Restless, Chelsea married Adam Newman, but split from him and married Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton) after lying and saying the bun in her oven was his. The truth finally came out and she got back with Adam (who returns soon) and they rejoiced in the birth of their son Connor Newman. Then, after Adam “died” she bounced over to his brother Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) and they seemed happy. But then Chelsea restarted her scheming.

Y&R: Chelsea Newman Redeemed Then Wrecked

After Chelsea Newman’s shaky start on Young and the Restless, she turned into a solid citizen for awhile. She was a respected designer and was living a scam-free life. But in her last few months, all that hard work to redeem herself went right down the toilet. It came out that she’d been lying to Nick about Christian Newman’s paternity. Chelsea was also (for no apparent reason) skimming profits off her company by setting up a fake website.

She was stashing fat stacks of cash in her apartment then packed up both Connor and Christian to run out of town with both Adam Newman’s kids. What went down with Chelsea next was strange. She decided to drop Christian off with his aunt and took off with just one kid. All of this was out of character for how Chelsea Newman has changed her life. But with Mal Young writing awful plots on Y&R, he decided to trash her character on the way out.

Young and the Restless: Mal Young Ruined Chelsea Newman?

Back when Melissa Claire Egan decided to leave Y&R, the chatter about backstage dissatisfaction hadn’t leaked yet. Since MCE’s departure was the first of many women (cast and crew) to leave, looking back it begs the question of exactly why she really left the show. And is it coincidental that Mal Young was fired – and then suddenly she was in negotiations to return? As a character, Chelsea Newman had an incredible arc from con woman to society sweetheart.

Then in just a few months, the Young and the Restless showrunner’s sloppy writing dismantled her character in ways that didn’t make sense. Chelsea was a wealthy woman thanks to her Newman connections. Plus, Victor would have written her a blank check for most anything she wanted. And she had mega bucks in her own right as a fabulously successful fashion designer. Yet, the British writer/producer decided to pen a plot where she was skimming a few thousand bucks.

So, when you ask what happened to Chelsea on Y&R – the answer is Mal Young. Fortunately, she’s back this summer just a few weeks after recast Adam Newman returns to Genoa City. So let’s hope for a plot more deserving of MCE’s talents and the rich history of this interesting character.

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