‘Wendy Williams Show’ Videos: Fans On Cancellation Buzz, Wendy’s ‘Passion’ With Husband

The Wendy Williams Show continues to swirl with controversy. Merely typing Wendy Williams into YouTube brings up oft-searched suggestions such as “faint” and “slurred speech.” On Monday, February 4, Nick Cannon deepend the queries as a guest host who spoke with Wendy.

The Wendy Williams Show: Continuation or Cancellation?

Wendy last appeared live on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday, December 20th. However, that appearance was filled with drama over Williams’ broken shoulder and slurred speech. As seen in the below video, Williams’ speech patterns worried “Wendy Watchers.”

Nick Cannon hosted The Wendy Williams Show and said, “I spoke to Wendy.” Cannon claimed she sounded amazing. Nick called her spirit “so big, it was so amazing.” However, Cannon didn’t elaborate on her broken shoulder. Yet he did speak about Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ husband. It’s a fact that has angered some fans.

Wendy Spoke as ‘Family Unit’

Despite abuse allegations and divorce buzz running rampant, Wendy Williams” said she wanted to speak as a family unit.” Cannon went on to explain more in the video titled, “Nick’s Message from Wendy.”

Cannon noted that he spoke with Wendy Williams’s husband Kevin, as well as “little Kevin,” her son. “They said they all good,” Nick said. “The love and the passion is still there, ’cause that’s what you need at times like this, is your family to stick together with you.”

Nick and Wendy got “emotional”

According to Nick, the conversation with Wendy Williams “got a little emotional.” She told him to pass on the fact that she feels the love from her fans. Williams also admitted that there are plenty of unanswered questions. Yet Nick didn’t address her fracture head on.

Instead, Cannon spoke of his own autoimmune condition. Nick told Wendy’s audience he was diagnosed with lupus. The “flare ups and stuff” are issues that must be dealt with day by day. However, it isn’t necessarily Wendy’s medication condition that is on the minds of fans leaving comments online.

How Long Will We Wait for Wendy?

While Nick received praise and criticism for his hosting gig, fans are split. Cannon could inadvertently cancel her show, one person joked, by filling her shoes so well. Another worried that he might cause the show to be canceled for a bad performance.

And while the show’s production companDebmar-Mercury told her “to take the time she needs,” fans wondered. Does that mean weeks or months of the host missing? Nick spoke of a person being strong one day and barely able to leave bed the next. But he claimed Wendy Williams sounded so strong. They were near tears as they spoke. “‘Cause you know, me and Wendy done had a love-hate relationship over the years,” Nick said.

Fans buzz about possible cancellation

With Wendy Williams being out of the public eye for so long, the cancellation buzz continues. No official word of the show being cancelled has come down from above. But that hasn’t stopped fans and haters from buzzing about it on social media.

Wendy told Nick that “there can be negativity out there and she hears the things about people talkin’ about her family unit and all that.” However, she didn’t want to “bring that negative energy when you’re trying to heal,” he said. Instead, Williams is relying on family and friends during this moment, when love is truly tested.

Fans who worry about the alleged infidelity or abuse that might mar the marriage are clapping back at the “family unit” comments. With Wendy telling Nick not to get too comfortable and claiming she’s coming back, folks wonder when that day will come. And when she does indeed return, they wonder if she will finally fill her fans in on the real deal of her life. However, some worry that the woman who is so famous for spilling tea about other celebrities will keep her facade. How you doing?

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