‘Wendy Williams Show’: Tamar Braxton on Abuse, New Boyfriend, Vincent Herbert Divorce

The Wendy Williams Show featured Tamar Braxton on Thursday, September 13. Within hours of the below videos hitting The Wendy Williams Show YouTube channel, thousands of views ensued. She talked about her new fine African boyfriend, her shaved head, Iyanla Vanzant and more. She also spoke of why she filed for divorce from Vincent Herbert – and it wasn’t because of him having a baby with another woman.

Tamar Braxton filed divorce papers

According to Tamar Braxton, she was the one who filed the papers for divorce from husband Vincent Herbert. Viewers couldn’t get enough of how beautiful she appeared, promoting her new role in a play with Snoop Dogg. It’s called “Redemption of a Dog.” But she explained that she loves her liberated life with her bald head and being free of wearing wigs. She made the choice to go without all the hot hair during a pivotal moment.

During her birthday, Tamar Braxton decided enough was enough. “I am determined to fall in love with myself under any circumstances. Who’s going to accept me for me?” she asked. Meanwhile, Wendy flashed an Instagram photo of her new Nigerian boyfriend of three months. Braxton admitted she’s in love.

Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend may become her new husband

Although Tamar Braxton didn’t want any more children with Vincent Herbert, she’s open to having more children. Her boyfriend may become her new husband, if she gets a marriage proposal. The unnamed boyfriend lives in Los Angeles, but is originally from Nigeria and attended Harvard Business School.

“He’s so amazing…so kind. Saved!” Tamar gushed. She said she would love some “beautiful African children.” Wendy, meanwhile, cried and called Braxton the biggest “friend in my head.”

Vincent Herbert wasn’t abusive, Tamar claims

Although Tamar’s mom called Vincent Herbert abusive, the youngest Braxton sister disputed those claims. After nine years of marriage, she filed for divorce. Braxton said that “life happened” and she was not willing to negotiate her happiness anymore for any circumstances. She glowed in a short dress, heels, and pretty skin after returning from Jamaica with her new boyfriend.

Despite the divorce, she called Vince a family member that she loves. But she had to draw the line. She wanted to be married, but not coexist as married people. As for the rumors, including infidelity, and a possible baby on Vince’s side, Tamar said that’s what she was told. But the baby rumor turned out to be untrue. Evelyn Braxton’s claims of Vince being abusive weren’t true either, according to the baby of the Braxton girls.



Keeping Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s money separate – sex abuse

Tamar kept her money separate from Vince and claims she has no money problems. The drama surrounding Braxton Family Values is another issue. Traci Braxton knew that the sisters didn’t plan to show up to shoot the show amid a dispute. But Tamar said she looks as “business as my business” and her sisters as partners.

The Vanzant drama happened when Tamar disagreed with how the Fix My Life host – real name Rhonda Eva Harris – handled her experience. Braxton called her too abrasive. “A lot of things happened [during] my childhood that I was like too afraid to talk about or too ashamed to talk about but the truth of the matter is that you know I have been molested you know by both sides of my family.”

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